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Three weeks ago, parts of the Amazon rainforest caught on fire.

Bolivia’s sky darkens as Amazon rainforest fires rage on

August 28, 2019

People around the world are starting to feel the tangible effects as parts of the planet are on fire. Last year, California was swept by wildfires causing environmental and social damage, and this year, Alas...

‘Goddamn, Mitt’ pokes fun at Romney in new Second City play

By Trevor Ballanger

September 10, 2012

Presidential candidates are scrutinized by the media to within an inch of their privacy. Little is left to the imagination as every secret and misdeed is unearthed and revealed to the masses. Things can get especially scathing if a pair of comedic writers willing to use politics for comedy get their hands on it.Jordan Pedersen and Christian McCann met while studying in the writing program at The Second City. McCann said h...

Bolivia’s nature legislation something to strive for

By Heather McGraw

May 9, 2011

Some of us in Chicago may love the iconic Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, but if we’re speaking truthfully, a cornfield is almost certainly more of a state symbol than a carnival ride. Midwestern farmers have undoubtedly dealt with decades of struggles regarding their crops, and their battle likely isn’t over yet because new federal budget talks might include cutting funds to farm subsidies, according to a May 4 Washington Post...

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