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Campus untouched by NATO protests

By Sophia Coleman

May 22, 2012

Columbia’s campus came through unscathed, despite being caught in the middle of the NATO protests that unfolded between May 18 and May 21 and witnessed a clash between a few thousand demonstrators and police officers.No damage was done to the school’s property, according to Bob Koverman, vice president of Campus Safety and Security. He said the campus had prepared for the event by closing two weeks early and had a sol...

College campuses prep for NATO summit

By Sophia Coleman

May 17, 2012

With the beginnings of the NATO summit in motion, Columbia, Roosevelt University and other campuses in the South Loop are preparing for four days full of protests and thousands of people coming from around the globe.Columbia’s campus will close May 18 – 21, and security has been heightened in each college building. Security personnel have gone through an eight-hour specialized NATO training program, sponsored by Allied...

Blackhawks lead dissolving division

By Gregory Cappis

December 12, 2011

Captain Jonathan Toews is keeping his team atop the Central Division in its last year of existence.The NHL agreed to realign the league into four conferences of seven or eight teams, starting next fall. This will cut down on travel and develop more heated rivalries between division foes. The announcement was made on Dec. 5 during the Blackhawks meeting with the Coyotes.As highlighted by the game against the Coyotes, the Blac...

Give debt relief, get votes

By Brianna Wellen

October 31, 2011

Those like me, with insurmountable amounts of debt and a lowermiddle class lifestyle on the horizon, have reason to celebrate.Thanks to President Barack Obama’s new programs, college graduates will now have monthly loan payments of 10 percent of their income rather than 15 percent, and loans will be forgiven after 20 years instead of 25. Not only that, but students who have taken out a mixture of direct federal loans and loan...

Vegan brunch skillet

By A.J. Abelman

April 25, 2011

For those who are new to the idea of a vegan lifestyle, serving vegan food seems daunting, difficult, tasteless and boring. However, most vegan dishes are anything but. This “scramble” is simple to make, high in protein and delicious, whether you’re feeding a house full of hung-over friends or cooking up a Sunday snack.Having fresh vegetables is key, and it is best to buy from small produce stores or “off the truck” ...

Crime stats vs. campus reality

By Katy Nielsen

October 11, 2010

Despite a decrease in the number of crimes reported to Campus Safety and Security and local police from 2008 to 2009, two recent on-campus incidents remind Columbia students about the realities of living in a large city.  The 2010 Annual Crime Statistics and Fire Safety Report published at the end of September shows an overall decrease in reported crimes on campus.Campus Safety and Security has increased its presence in the...

No sex offense cases reported at Columbia in past year

By CiaraShook

May 3, 2010

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s initiative for 2010 is focused on offering prevention and social change on college campuses.According to the National Sexual Violence Resources Center, one in five college women is a  victim of sexual assault before graduation. Bob Koverman, associate vice president of safety and security, reported as of press time, Columbia has not had any repor...

AlertWave notification system a work in progress

By CiaraShook

March 1, 2010

An alarm sounded Feb. 18 in campus buildings including the 33 E. Congress Parkway Building and the Music Center, 1014 S. Michigan Ave. Students, faculty and staff, confused by the tone, left the buildings.What they were actual hearing was a test of the AlertWave system, adopted by the college in late 2008. Bob Koverman, associate vice president of Campus Safety and security, who joined Columbia’s administration last spring...

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