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Metra plans to launch an app early this summer to make ticket payment easier, by allowing riders to purchase tickets on smartphones and other devices, as well as add transit value to Ventra accounts, according to a Jan. 23 Metra press release. Metra is test-running the app before its release to catch any technical glitches.

Metra goes mobile with app payment method

By Lauren Kostiuk
March 2, 2015

Dry campus a wet blanket

By Editorial Board
February 16, 2015
Binge Drinking

Risky drinking habits prevalent among young adults

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor
December 8, 2014

University of Chicago an obvious choice for Obama library

By Managing Editor
January 27, 2014

Art school community vs. State school Greek life

By Heather Scroering
January 30, 2012
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