The Columbia Chronicle

Put faces to dollars

By Brianna Wellen

December 5, 2011

Once again, Columbia’s top paid staff members have been revealed, and once again, I am rethinking my career choice. President Warrick L. Carter’s annual pay is approximately 10 times more than I hope to make after college, if I’m lucky. While I’d like to imagine that the daily duties of those top 10 are grueling tasks causing them to give their heart, soul and plenty of overtime into creating the best environment ...

Art Loop Open announces winner after finalists’ dispute

By Meghan Keyes

November 1, 2010

One hundred ninety-one pieces of artwork created by Chicagoland artists had a shot at a $25,000 first prize awarded to the recipient of the most text messaged votes from Oct. 15 to 28. The finalists were announced on Oct. 22, but after a disqualification and a reinstating for one artist, the top 10 became a top 11.As previously reported in The Chronicle on Oct. 18, Art Loop Open is a competition held in 10 non-traditional ...

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