The Columbia Chronicle

New cafe firm irons out kinks

By Shardae Smith

November 29, 2010

Now in its third month of operation, Café University, the college’s food new vendor, continues experiencing difficulties running three cafes to service students, faculty and staff, but hopes to make finishing touches and finalize menu options before the fall semester is complete.At each of Café University’s three locations—the Wabash Campus Building, 623 S. Wabash Ave.; the 1104 Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave. and the Alexand...

A new gym on the horizon

By JeffGraveline

October 12, 2009

After months of negotiations, Columbia may have finally filled the void left by the closing of the Herman Crown Center at Roosevelt University in April of 2008.Last year’s closing left Columbia students without a main gym space. The Crown Center, which was closed due to code violations and asbestos contamination, was shared by Columbia and Roosevelt.South Loop Elementary, 1212 S. Plymouth Court, has been pegged as the pro...

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