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Fabiola Hernandez, junior fashion business major, smoking a JUUL outside Columbia’s Library, 624 S. Michigan Ave., Sept. 10.

Vape flavor ban intends to reduce youth vaping

September 16, 2019

Walking through a cloud of fruity-scented smoke may become an experience of the past, as President Donald Trump announced Sept. 11 that the Food and Drug Administration is moving to ban flavored e-c...

The rebirth of Columbia’s Record Label

November 3, 2014

Junior Business & Entrepreneurship Damian Keehn speaks about the “Arts & Entertainment Media Management”, class and Columbia’s record label. He said he hopes to bring awareness of the label and...

The new ordinance that bans smoking in parks, harbors, beaches and playgrounds immediately goes into effect and imposes a $500 fine on all people who violate the ban. 

Get your butts out of Chicago’s parks

September 15, 2014

The Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance Sept. 10 that bans smoking within 15 feet of beaches, playgrounds, harbors and parks.The new ordinance, which immediately goes into effec...

A ‘Monster’ of an ordinance

By Editorial Board

January 28, 2013

Alderman Edward Burke (14th Ward) proposed an ordinance banning the sale of energy drinks within city limits during a Jan. 17 Chicago City Council meeting, arguing that the drinks are unhealthy, especially for young consumers.The ordinance cites a Food and Drug Administration report alleging that Monster Energy drinks have caused five deaths since 2009. The FDA has also received reports of health incidents related to other energy drinks. While such beverages can be dangero...

CTU strike hits the streets full force

By Dannis Valera

September 11, 2012

After announcing it late Sunday night, the Chicago Teacher Union (CTU) went on strike Monday morning. The CTU members rallied outside of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Central Administration Building. Clad in red shirts, teachers, students and allies marched through the streets of downtown Chicago."Chicago Teacher Union" "CTU" "Strike" "Demonstration" "Protest" "Teachers" "Teacher" "Education" "Negotiations" "Students" "C...

Faculty, students, staff speak out against prioritization recommendations

By Heather Scroering

March 2, 2012

In a strongly worded private email to President Warrick L. Carter sent March 4, the tenured members of the Faculty Senate’s Executive Committee accused Louise Love, interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs of implementing her recommendations for restructuring departments before the faculty has a chance to weigh in on them.In her recommendations for the proposed Creative Writing Department, Love wrote she intended “to ...

School takes health initiative too far

By Editorial Board

May 2, 2011

Little Village Academy, 2620 S. Lawndale Ave., is prohibiting students from bringing home-packed lunches to school in an attempt to get students to eat healthier. The principal, Elsa Carmona, told the Chicago Tribune that the school is providing students with healthier food than they would ordinarily bring from home. The school makes exceptions for students with allergies or other specific medical restrictions, but everyo...

Sticks, stones may break bones, ‘S&M’ ban pointless

By J_Thomas

February 14, 2011

Barbadian singer/songwriter Robyn Fenty, better identified as Rihanna, is well-known for her personal style, edgy and fierce fashion sense, outrageous and ever-changing hairstyles, increasing amount of tattoos, breathtaking looks and chart-topping music. When she first arrived in 2005, it was unsure if she would be a one-hit wonder or the next “it” girl. It’s safe to say the one-hit wonder theory can be disregarded.I...

BGA: Cut the size of City Council

By Heather McGraw

January 31, 2011

With the elections nearing, possible ways to save the city money have emerged, which includes slashing the price tag of keeping 50 aldermen in the City Council.A report released on Dec. 10 by the Better Government Association suggested reducing the number of aldermen by half could save the city roughly $2.7 million in salary payouts and another $4.4 million for the three staff members per aldermen.“When you think about cuttin...

Campus cracks down on illegal downloads

By LauraNalin

November 2, 2009

Columbia will be placing a restriction on illegal file downloading throughout campus buildings, tentatively set to start in December. The college has been working on setting restrictions over the past year, but new federal regulations kick-started the process.The Digital Millennium Copyright Act criminalizes individuals who possess or distribute copyrighted material without permission by the copyright holder. The law, which wa...

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