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Mel Leverich, a museum archivist, reads through a BDSM mail order catalog in the archives.

Museum works to smash stigma against BDSM, kink culture

February 13, 2020

Tucked between a gas station and an international grocery store south of Rogers Park lies a building housing whips, dildos, erotic artwork and ropes meant for bondage. The Leather Archives and Muse...

New test predicts if astronauts are ready for longer missions


By Sports & Health Editor and Assistant Sports & Health Editor.

December 8, 2014

Throughout history, traveling to new frontiers has presented explorers with the promise of adventure  but  the reality of isolation and confinement. While these hurdles are present traveling across oceans...

The main office of the college archives on the 4th floor of the 600 S. Michigan Ave. building holds documents relating to Columbia’s history. This is one of eight on-campus spaces that houses these archival materials in addition to one off-site storage unit.  

College archives not held in ideal conditions

October 13, 2014

To better organize and consolidate the college’s archives, Columbia’s administration is planning to create new campus spaces to house college records, which are currently not stored under recommended archival conditions. Presently there are eight storage spaces for the archives...

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