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Video Poll: Should the city ban plastic bags?

March 31, 2014

Plastic bags could be banned from Chicago's retail stores if city council passes legislation meant to quell the environmental effects of plastic shopping bags. Students got a chance to voice their opin...

Big music names for big industry conference

By Lisa Schulz

April 23, 2012

One night of distributing business cards, receiving critique on work samples and creating confident conversation with music industry professionals can lead to five years working within different entities at Hip-Hop mogul Sean :Diddy" Comb's Enterprises.At least that’s the path Sara Anwar, instructor in the Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Department and 2006 graduate, made for herself at Columbia, and students ar...

Auto show demonstrates new U.S. design dominance

By Contributing Writer

February 21, 2011

by: Brandon Smith, contributing writerMy mother says some of the first words out of my mouth were, “I like those wheels,” pointing to the chrome hubcaps and whitewalls on my father's 1970 Buick LeSabre. The sleek gold sedan, yacht-long with a black vinyl top, would later become the car in which I learned to drive. I didn’t bother to borrow a car when I took Kelsey Fogt to the homecoming dance. Which was weird becaus...

The skinny on male models

By Contributing Writer

November 22, 2010

by: Madeline Eckart, Contributing WriterEmaciated men have graced the runways and fashion magazine pages for years. The pit of despair that strikes after eating an extra piece of pizza or the mentality behind buying a pair of pants one size too small burdens all of us from day to day, regardless of gender. Well, men, now’s the time. Go on and finish that pizza or even order another one, guilt-free.Eat up, put off shaving for a...

Fused Realities

By Colin Shively

January 29, 2010

Imagine if people were able to simply look through sunglasses at a building and see digital information about the building displayed from any given Internet search engine, or see local ratings on nearby restaurants. Soon, they will be able to do just that with a technology called Augmented Reality.Augmented Reality, or AR, is a term used to describe the physical world merged with digital information that is stored on compu...

No R&R for duo A&R

By KatherineGamby

October 19, 2009

A new group by the name of A&R is slowly but surely creeping its way into the Chicago music scene.The band started a year ago after breaking away from another band that they were a part of for three years. Making up A&R is guitarist and producer Alex Kramer and lead singer and co-producer Rocko Walker.Their name comprises  their first initials and they describe their sound as electric pop, mixing soulful vocals w...

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