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French Montana is an American rapper born and raised in Morocco.

OPINION: French Montana overly sexualizes Muslim women for his own gain

October 1, 2019

Religious modesty has been a controversial subject for many years. Some believe it to be unjust and oppressive, while others find it allows liberation and self-identity. Cultural appropriation and th...

Offensive costumes: all tricks, no treats

Offensive costumes: all tricks, no treats

October 30, 2017

Dressing up on Halloween is an age-old tradition deriving from the Celts, but in the past few years, interest has spiked in politically incorrect costumes, according to statistics from Google Trends. This year, schools such as the University of Texas at Austin and the Uni...

‘Native American’ Apparel

By Sophia Coleman

November 19, 2012

In just the last two months, I’ve seen hipsters in Navajo print, pop stars pitifully portraying indigenous women and lingerie-clad models in headdresses. It’s clear many members of our society need a history lesson instructed by Native Americans, whose culture has been so disgustingly objectified.You’d think by now pop culture would recognize cultural appropriation as a faux pas, but the offense continues and now seems to...

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