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Dogs say ‘alfred-no’ to animal cruelty

November 17, 2019

Attendees at The Anti-Cruelty Society's Pups and Pasta Sunday, Nov. 10 event were greeted with some happy puppies accompanied by volunteers from The Anti-Cruelty Society, who spoke about their organization...

A petition was launched in March challenging the November 2014 stray hold ordinance affecting Chicago’s Animal Care and Control Department that limits the number of days stray animals will be held. The center will now only hold animals for a maximum of three days, unless they arrive with identification.

Petition fights stray animal hold ordinance in Chicago

April 13, 2015

The City of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control Department passed an ordinance in November 2014 that limits the number of days it holds stray dogs and cats that do not have proper identification. Under t...

Acro-Cat-ics dazzle Chicago

By Trevor Ballanger

September 24, 2012

Circuses often bring to mind bears, lions and elephants, but Chicago’s own Acro-Cats is proving pussy performers can be justas captivating.Ringleader and trainer Samantha Martin’s unique troupe of 13 housecats has been jumping through hoops, pretending to play musical instruments and ringing bells around the country for the past seven years.The feline stars have been trained to perform tasks in exchange for treats. Wh...

Men’s birth control flips the script

By Kyle Rich

September 5, 2012

Scientific discoveries often originate as accidents. Penicillin was developed after a workstation wasn’t cleaned properly and an antibacterial mold was discovered. Radioactivity was first noted when minerals and equipment were left in a desk after they were unable to be used for another experiment. LSD was originally created as a drug to cure the pain of childbirth, and its hallucinogenic effects were only revealed five ye...

Animal shelters persevere through economy

By The Columbia Chronicle

May 9, 2011

By Sophia Coleman, Contributing WriterDespite Chicago’s precarious economic status and the financial burdens businesses and people are facing, animal shelters across the city are pulling through and creating innovative ways to help pets and their owners.The Crisis Care Program, the Guardian Angel Program and the Pet Food Bank are some of the programs Pets Are Worth Saving Chicago and The Anti-Cruelty Society are implementi...

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