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A proposed ordinance would charge citizens up to $500 for “distracted walking.”

Aldermen: Put phone away before crossing the street

November 20, 2017

Sending a text or tweet while in a crosswalk may soon cost Chicagoans up to $500. Aldermen Ed Burke (14th Ward) and Anthony Beale (9th Ward) proposed an ordinance Nov. 8 that would fine pedestrians caught using “mobile electronic dev...

Chicago should take the wheel on driverless cars

September 26, 2016

In a trope as old as time, technology is progressing faster than people are ready for it. Driverless cars are now a real possibility, being tested in markets as close as Pittsburgh by Uber as a possible replacement for its current driver-based service. Chicago aldermen Edward Burke (14) and Anthony Beale (9), whom The Chicago Sun-Times proclaim to be some of the “most powerful” in the city according to its Sept. 14 a...

Dean finalist Stefania de Kenessey presented her accomplishments and educational philosophy March 2 at Film Row Cinema, 1104 S. Wabash Ave.

New York composer makes bid to become fine arts dean

March 7, 2016

Stefania de Kenessey was a sophomore in high school when her dad found her reading a New York Times article about students who felt unchallenged and bored with school—exactly how she felt. That is when...

Let’s get funky with whysowhite

Charlie Moonbeam

By Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

February 10, 2014

The six men of whysowhite strive to create the ultimate party experience at every show they play by shaking their hips, spitting sweet rhymes and inspiring audiences to “claim the boogie” and “ge...

Multimedia Editor Job Description

By Alice Werley

May 3, 2013

Multimedia DeskThe Multimedia Desk is responsible for creating visually stimulating content in video, photo and audio platforms. This section is unique in that it doesn’t have a specific beat, so there is more freedom in topic coverage. That said, collaboration with the other desks (Campus, Metro, Sports & Health, Arts & Culture) is highly encouraged. The desk is also responsible for producing a number of suppleme...

City to consider cab fare increase

By Kaley Fowler

February 13, 2012

Road rage between cab drivers and city officials has intensified as the fight for fare increases continues.Alderman Anthony Beale (9th Ward), chair of the City Council Transportation Committee, and the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, announced on Feb. 2 that a hearing will be held in six to seven months in response to a petition filed Dec. 15 by city taxi drivers requesting a 22 percent cab fare hi...

Cab drivers seek industry update

By Kaley Fowler

January 17, 2012

Both Chicago taxi drivers and city officials agree that the city’s taxi industry is overdue for an update. But which aspects of the industry that update should address is where agreement between the two parties ends.On Dec. 14, in an effort to “increase safety and bring Chicago’s taxi fleet into the 21st century,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Anthony Beale (9th Ward) introduced a series of proposed changes to Ch...

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