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‘Mansions’ sinks like a brick

Paul Walker

By Joh Weitzel

May 5, 2014

IN MODERN HOLLYWOOD, remakes are an ever-present occurrence and, for the most part, mind-numbingly terrible. The worst remakes are completely devoid of what made the orig- inal notable. This is true of “Dis...

Chronic Relief: A look into the risks, rewards and laws of medicinal cannabis

By Kyle Rich

December 10, 2012

By Kyle Rich and Nader Ihmoud, Assistant Sports & Health EditorsAfter being bedridden for 1,000 days, Mike Graham’s nurse gave him a choice: Use medical cannabis or continue taking the same medication and eventually die from those drugs—if his disease didn’t kill him first.“I didn’t want to be a criminal, but I didn’t want to die either,” Graham said.Graham, an Illinois resident who uses marijuana as medi...

Florence Price reborn

By Contributing Writer

March 14, 2011

by: Vanessa Morton, Contributing WriterSuzanne Flandreau unexpectedly stumbled upon two original music manuscripts by the late African-American symphonic composer Florence Price more than 10 years ago. The orchestral score “Piano Concerto in One Movement”—last performed in the 1930s—was believed to be missing for many years.It wasn’t until Feb. 17 that the two pieces found a contemporary audience. Columbia’s Cent...

Natural medicine, a healthy choice

By Ivana Susic

January 25, 2010

The recent trend toward natural remedies inspires some people to think twice before walking into the nearest drugstore and grabbing a bottle of the cheapest medicine. The increasing availability of affordable homeopathic treatment has made it possible to stay healthy the natural way, even on a college student’s budget.One of the many benefits of natural remedies is keeping unnecessary chemicals out of your body. Many ingredients fo...

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