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Moodle: the sinking ship

By Editorial Board

February 2, 2015

In less than three months, Moodle, Columbia’s notorious learning management system, will replace OASIS and serve as the college’s only official online classroom component. The college is hoping to truly integrate technology into its learning experience with Moodle, but years of bumps in the road on the journey to digitally enhancing the classroom should not go unnoticed or unaddressed. Students and faculty use Moodle—...

Courage Campaign aims to stop sexual assault

Courage Campaign aims to stop sexual assault

November 3, 2014

Kara Crutcher, an Uptown resident and South Side native, said she was first sexually harassed on public transportation at the age of 14. Now, 10 years later, she has decided to do something about it. ...

Going Against the Norm—Straight Edge

April 21, 2014

It has become a social norm for young adults to engage in typical college activities on the weekends such as smoking weed and drinking. A small percentage decide to rebel against that scene and forge a diff...

Green with it, rock with it

By Sophia Coleman

December 10, 2012

Green is the new tangerine.I must hold some sort of authority over at Pantone, the trendsetter in color for the design industry, because in my Nov. 26 column, “Toxic, tempting fashion,” I said the 2012 color of the year should be Forest Green.  My dream is nearly coming true because Pantone announced Dec. 6 that the color of 2013 is emerald green.It’s unlikely this magnificent jewel-tone will inspire the eco-consci...

Anti-Muslim sentiment reigniting the flames

By Ahmed Hamad

October 1, 2012

The recent release of anti-Islam movie "Innocence of Muslims" and anti-Muslim advertisements in New York City's subway system have caused rage among Muslims in the Middle East. The Chronicle interviewed local Muslims at the Downtown Islamic Center and CAIR (Council on American-Islam Relations) Chicago and asked for their reactions to it.

Student wins ‘Quit to Win’ contest

By Lisa Schulz

November 28, 2011

Using a wave of black and red design to convey a message that most children can’t communicate, Elizabeth Salinas created a winning advertisement highlighting the dangers of parental secondhand smoke that is about to spread across Chicago.The senior art and design major won the “Quit to Win” anti-smoking design contest for the Chicago Tobacco Prevention Project, hosted by the Respiratory Health Association of Metropol...

Columbia starts hydro farming

By Katy Nielsen

November 29, 2010

Columbia is pushing for more green spaces this year, and the next project includes windowfarms and the possibility of an outdoor garden.Lena Milcarek, senior marketing communication major, presented her video about urban farming at Chicago’s GreenTown Conference 2010. The problem with farming in Chicago is the climate, Milcarek said.“Windowfarming is the answer to growing food in the winter,” she said.Windowfarms use re...

Advertisements should stay on paper, out of mind

By Lauren Kelly

October 5, 2009

As I was riding the Blue Island CTA bus the other day, I heard a loud announcement interrupt the music I was listening to. It wasn’t the usual CTA guy announcing important information about the bus route or a detour, so I took out my headphones to hear what was being said. I was stunned by what I heard. Blaring through the bus was an advertisement promoting the bid for the Olympic Games in Chicago—and it played once eve...

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