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Chicago institutions strive for inclusion

Chicago institutions strive for inclusion

December 4, 2017

When Christena Gunther moved to Chicago from New York City in 2012, she was distressed by the city’s lack of access to cultural spaces for people with disabilities. The issue had been her passion since ch...

New Daley Plaza art raising awareness for breast cancer

New Daley Plaza art raising awareness for breast cancer

October 13, 2014

Planned Parenthood of Illinois unveiled a new art installation Oct. 1 at Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St., to recognize the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness month.The hot pink 16-foot-tall bra statue ...

Admissions policy needs less generosity

By Editorial Board

September 24, 2012

Enrollment for Columbia’s fall semester is down 842 students. A good number of those–310 students–did not return because of a failure to meet academic standards. Seemingly, there are students who are unable to keep up with the college’s expectations, and this might have to do with the school’s admission policy.Columbia accepts more than 80 percent of its applicants, according to its website. This is actually not t...

Developing culture for neighborhood vitality

By Chris Loeber

March 18, 2012

While efforts to revitalize under-resourced neighborhoods can take the form of large-scale projects to stimulate the economy, some developers choose to take a more community-driven approach by encouraging cultural growth.Theaster Gates, an urban planner and noted artist, has been working since 2005 to develop the Greater Grand Crossing community on Chicago’s South Side. He works closely with residents to help them build...

Rocking out with Young Jesus

By Sophia Coleman

February 20, 2012

Rock ‘n’ roll will save your soul, for Jesus has risen in the form of a local “party-angst indie” quartet.With zero ties to the Christian Rock genre, Young Jesus has made it a goal to create relatable, passionate music for those who love fluid guitar riffs, hearty vocals and trance-like rhythms. The band—made up of John Rossiter on lead vocals and guitar, Shawn Nystrand on bass, Cody Kellogg on lead guitar and Pete...

Artist’s day in court

By Darryl Holliday

February 28, 2011

by Vanessa Morton, Contributing WriterChicago artist Chris Drew continues to fight for his rights as he prepares to go back to court on April 4. When it comes to Illinois state laws, Drew is no stranger to challenging them.It has been 14 months since he was arrested for selling his artwork without a license—a misdemeanor violation of Chicago’s peddlers license law—as previously reported in The Chronicle on Jan. 25, 201...

Changes forthcoming when new lines are drawn

By Darryl Holliday

December 13, 2010

Politicians will have to draw the lines somewhere—though it will be residents who experience the effects of new district boundaries. Federally mandated plans to re-map legislative district lines are underway with broad consequences for voters in the city and state.Redistricting, the process of drawing U.S. district lines to equalize populations based on changes in census data, occurs every 10 years and has a unique process in the state of Illinois, but a move is afoot to change it.The Redistricting...

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