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Educating fear and ignorance

By Editorial Board

January 26, 2015

Radical Islamist terrorists have rocked the world with relentless acts of violence in recent weeks. The Jan. 7–9 Charlie Hebdo and kosher market shootings carried out in Paris by radical Islamists linked to a Yemen al-Qaida group were plastered across media outlets for days. In the outer rims of the news cycle, the militant Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram razed the Nigerian villages of Baga and Doron Baga Jan. 3 and...

Durbin speaks to his supporters at Westin Hotel, 320 N. Dearborn Street in Chicago, at his election party following his victory over Jim Oberweis. 

Durbin defeats Oberweis for senate seat

November 5, 2014

Sen. Dick Durbin defeated challenger Jim Oberweis Nov. 4, becoming the first Democrat in Illinois history to win a fourth term in the U.S. Senate. Several major news outlets such as CBS2, Fox News and ...

College needs to think of its investors: the students

By Editor-in-Chief

September 29, 2014

As a senior, I often encounter classmates who are about to graduate and enter the professional world. Often burdened with the same fears of chipping away at mountainous student debt and finding a job related to their field, it is not uncommon for graduating seniors to care little for what will financially impact the next generation of Columbia students. However, knowing the college’s financial woes and having friends wh...

Tattoos, ink-corporated: How permanent tattoos may (temporarily) alter your career

October 8, 2012

Fashion designer Julia Handleman has made her dreams come true. For several years she climbed the corporate ladder, designing for The North Face, Old Navy and Land’s End. And she did it all with visible henna-inspired tattoos across her face, neck, hands and arms.Ink is now showing up in the next generation of white-collar lawyers, accountants and business executives. Thirty-six percent of 18–25-year-olds and 40 percent of 2...

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