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Maddy Asma, Former Graphic Designer

Dec 08, 2019
Column: Goodbye to my home away from home (Media)
Dec 06, 2019
The Chronicle’s Decade in Review (Media)
Nov 23, 2019
Guest Column: Lights, camera, Oscar 2020 Best Actor predictions (Media)
Nov 22, 2019
The best responses in an otherwise tame Democratic presidential debate (Media)
Nov 17, 2019
Opinion: This Thanksgiving, check your privileges at the door (Media)
Nov 11, 2019
Initiatives at Columbia bridge academic disparities (Media)
Nov 05, 2019
Guest Column: American recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a long-overdue victory (Media)
Nov 02, 2019
Editorial: The Venus symbol goes, genderless inclusion stays (Media)
Oct 28, 2019
Guest Column: It’s showtime, folks—Oscar 2020 Best Picture predictions (Media)
Oct 27, 2019
Opinion: To schools banning Halloween parties: BOO! (Media)
Oct 18, 2019
Opinion: Clean energy should be Pritzker’s No. 1 priority (Media)
Oct 13, 2019
EDITORIAL: Stop masquerading your hate as religion (Media)
Oct 11, 2019
Presidential candidates talk LGBTQ+ youth, healthcare and protests at historic town hall (Media)
Oct 11, 2019
Department of Labor to oversee CFAC elections after investigation into complaints (Media)
Oct 08, 2019
The impeachment inquiry process, explained (Media)
Oct 05, 2019
EDITORIAL: Inclusivity is not child’s play (Media)
Sep 23, 2019
Professors face racism, sexism in student evaluations (Media)
Sep 18, 2019
OPINION: Biromanticism, a delve into nonsexual attraction (Media)
Sep 14, 2019
EDITORIAL: Sex workers deserve security, updated policy (Media)
Sep 08, 2019
EDITORIAL: Straightness does not need celebration (Media)
Sep 07, 2019
OPINION: Funimation hypocritical in response to offensive leaks (Media)
Sep 06, 2019
Public colleges to provide mental health services similar to Columbia’s (Media)
Sep 01, 2019
EDITORIAL: Listen to the voices of Hong Kong protestors (Media)
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