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The Chronicle is the newspaper of record for Columbia College Chicago and has been since it began publishing in November 1973, then known as the CC Writer. While the newspaper continues in its traditional print format today, our student-run news organization has embraced the digital realm and now operates with a digital-first mindset.

The Chronicle staff uses this website to break news, to expand upon coverage in the print edition and to host and distribute multimedia content, including videos, photo galleries and podcasts. Our site provides direct links to The Chronicle’s social media accounts, where we engage with our audience in a variety of ways through a number of different platforms.

In the same way that print editions of newspapers essentially last forever – including print editions preserved and cataloged by libraries, now also stored and available digitally and through microfiche before that – our online content is also archived and considered a permanent record of the news, events and opinions of its time.

It is the policy of The Chronicle to permanently maintain all of its content online. Stories are not removed for any reason, nor do we remove authors’ names.

Chronicle stories undergo a rigorous fact-checking and editing process. However, errors do sometimes occur. The Chronicle adheres to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, always striving to “seek truth and report it” and “be accountable and transparent.”

If errors occur, or published material is proven libelous or factually incorrect, it is the policy of The Chronicle to correct or amend the story in question with a note to our audience detailing the date and time of the correction.

If you notice errors in a story or have questions regarding our web policy, please email The Chronicle at

In December 2018, following other news organizations, including NPR, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times, The Chronicle suspended the reader comments feature of our website. Reader comments have sometimes enabled anonymous readers to post hateful or offensive messages not appropriate for civil discourse.

The Chronicle does, however, wish to interact with and hear from our readers. Letters to the editor can be emailed to Upon verification of the writer’s identity, the Chronicle may choose to publish letters in print and/or online. Readers are also encouraged to interact with The Chronicle through our social media channels.

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