The Columbia Chronicle

Student opinion on corporate donor wall

By Heather Scroering

October 10, 2011

The corporate donor wall, located in the 618 S. Michigan Ave. building lobby, has generated some buzz from students.According to Kim Clement, assistant vice president and director of campaign initiatives in Institutional Advancement, the wall—put up approximately a year ago—displays nearly 30 logos of corporations who donated $10,000 or more to the college’s “This Is Columbia’s Moment” campaign.“It’s meant to...

Cafe University makes changes

By Alexandra Kukulka

October 10, 2011

Cafe University is back in business in three locations on campus this year for students to grab a bite to eat between classes: the Alexandroff Campus Center, 600 S. Michigan Ave.; the Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave; and the Wabash Campus Building, 623 S. Wabash Ave.This year, much has changed at the cafes including prices, menu items, the student worker policy and construction.“I think we’re good,” said Phillip ...

Reuse, expand, recycle: plastic bag intiative

By Lisa Schulz

October 3, 2011

In a vast room cluttered with various creations of reused materials, a dumpster piled high and green plastic bags stuffed with balled-up grocery bags towered over Neale Baldyga, who brandished the master machine that removes contaminants from recyclables: his hands.Despite the dirty work, Baldyga, Colu-mbia’s recycling outreach coordinator, and the nine-member recycling program staff continue to encourage students to contr...

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