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Transitioning Transfers

By Campus News Editor

September 23, 2013

AN ADMINISTRATION CLAIM that this year’s freshman class is the largest in years may merely reflect the school’s new method of defining who is a freshman and who is a transfer student.What amounts to a semantic change in calculation may also account for the dramatic 25 percent decrease in transfer enrollment, a figure released by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.Keri Walters, assistant dean for faculty advising f...


For the Record

September 3, 2013

SHE WAS LOOKING like she’d be a longtime resident.Lady Gaga’s performance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards—you know, the one where she hangs herself—almost sealed her lifetime lease as the permanen...


By Alice Werley

March 22, 2013

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For whom the Bone and Bell tolls

By Trevor Ballanger

November 26, 2012

Local band Bone & Bell’s music creeps up on listeners with a soft, sweet tone and erupts into a symphony of powerful vocals from lead singer Heather Smith.Smith released her first EP, “Loom,” in 2010 and was later joined by drummer Ryan Farnham; bassist Rick Roberts; and bassist and guitar player Jason Tuller to create Bone & Bell, with its distinctive psychedelic flurry of haunting sounds. Their latest EP, ...

Faculty Senate holds second private meeting

By Heather Scroering

April 30, 2012

The Faculty Senate closed its doors to visitors for the second time in six weeks on April 27 to discuss its “concerns” about President Warrick L. Carter’s leadership. Prior to the meeting, sources said there would be a possible vote of no confidence in Carter., but the vote reportedly was not held.Chronicle reporters and other observers were asked to the leave the forum after committee reports and routine business w...

Cheer team to perform at Manifest

By Lindsey Woods

April 23, 2012

Music and dance are not new to Manifest, but the Renegades cheerleading squad will combine the two with traditional cheer-style tumbling to bring additional spirit to this year’s campuswide celebration on May 4.This is the first year the Renegades squad will perform at Manifest. Its routine will kick off at 2 p.m. on the stage located in the Nexus Lot at the corner of South Wabash and East Balbo avenues.“We have stunts ...

Faculty salaries not to blame for tuition hikes

By Editorial Board

April 16, 2012

Columbia’s tuition will increase approximately 5 percent next semester, President Warrick L. Carter announced earlier this year. Why tuition was raised is still hazy, and no clear answers have been given. But some, such as Vice President Joe Biden, are blaming college professors and their salaries for nationwide tuition hikes.Biden and David C. Levy, president of Cambridge Information Group, are both mistaken in their assumpti...

Faculty Senate flexes muscle

By Lisa Schulz

April 9, 2012

Just seven weeks before President Warrick L. Carter will make his prioritization decisions, along with the Board of Trustees, the Faculty Senate discussed accelerating the search for a new president and an appropriate response to Carter’s public rebuke of a student, which was described as “wrong” by the Senate president.Newly established channels of direct communication between the Senate and the Board Chair Allen Turner...

CTA to renew Loop rail

By Chris Loeber

April 2, 2012

Rail passengers may have access to a smoother, more dependable ride on Chicago Transit Authority trains in the Loop following a construction project that will begin later this spring.The CTA’s Loop Track Renewal project, announced in 2011, is scheduled to begin upgrading portions of elevated track downtown in mid-April and will continue through most of 2012.“This is somewhat akin to rebuilding a roadway where you’re pu...

Alum talks music industry, gives advice

By Alexandra Kukulka

April 2, 2012

Taylor Mallory’s father noticed his son’s musical talent when he was singing in the laundry room at 5 years old. Soon, it was evident to the Mallory family that their son had a unique ability no one else in the family had. Later on, Mallory decided to start a contemporary gospel band called The Boys with a few of his church friends.Mallory graduated from Columbia in December 2009 with a degree in arts, entertainment and media manageme...

Film, video professor retires after 33 years

By Lisa Schulz

April 2, 2012

Traditional retirements are often sad occasions with teary send-off speeches. At Columbia, however, they involve a review of 33 years of accomplishments in a 45-minute film of award-winning clips ranging from 1970s documentaries to comedy sketches starring Stephen Colbert.Dan Dinello, professor in the Film & Video Department, and a distinguished scholar, journalist and author, showcased his work March 22 for faculty, sta...

Partying with Grecian gods

By Sophia Coleman

March 12, 2012

Sex, wine and profanity are three common themes in the “Festival of Dionysus,” a then-and-now celebration of Greek theater and the Spring Equinox in honor of Dionysus, the god of hedonism.Though the mysteries of Ancient Greece are buried under the rubble of countless wars and fallen monuments, its revelry and debauchery survive in The International Bedlam Society’s rendition of the festival, which celebrates the stories ...

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