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Aram Saroyan visits, ‘Four Monologues’ bring unity

By Lisa Schulz

January 30, 2012

Despite the gloom of Russian poets’ thoughts during the Stalinist era, visiting artist Aram Saroyan could be seen smiling amid the audience as Columbia theater students rehearsed for his play’s first theatrical performance.On Jan. 25, Columbia students performed “Four Monologues,” a play based on the lives of four Russian poets, at the Poetry Foundation, 61 W. Superior St. Saroyan, a poet, novelist, playwright and bi...

Lakota sounds in the city

By Sophia Coleman

October 3, 2011

Growing up fast is nothing new for Frank Waln, 22, founder of Nake Nula Waun, a Native-American hip-hop band based in Parmalee, S.D. With most of his life spent on the Rosebud Sioux reservation, he was surrounded by violence and poverty.But with all of the negativity clouding his life, he created something positive. Waln and three friends—co-founder and vocalist Dre Easter; 26, vocalist Kodi DeNoyer, 21; and vocalist Thomas...

Rock musical ‘Passing Strange”’ gets Midwest premier

By Matt Watson

April 11, 2011

In a rare combination of rock ’n’ roll and musical theater, “Passing Strange” forced audience members out of their seats to jam along with the music at its Broadway premiere in 2008. With rave reviews from critics and a twist on traditional theater, the show is moving on to the Second City.The Bailiwick Chicago theater company will produce the Midwest premiere of the Tony Award-winning rock musical beginning on Ap...

Ice-Semble Chicago prepares for theatrical performance

By Katy Nielsen

March 28, 2011

Figure skaters twirl and glide across the ice with ease, but these skaters are not competing for medals. They are members of Ice-Semble Chicago, the city’s original ice theater company, choreographing one of their many lyrical routines.The ice theater company held one of its first meetings of the year on March 16 at McFetridge Sports Arena, 3843 N. California Ave., to practice for its upcoming show on May 5 at the Winnetk...

Generally excellent, once again

By Amanda Murphy

February 28, 2011

Nail-biting deadlines and pull-my-hair-out moments finally paid off for The Columbia Chronicle staff at the Illinois College Press Association Conference this year, when Chronites left with 32 awards under our arm and something to brag about, at least until next year.For four consecutive years, The Chronicle has taken home the John David Reed General Excellence Award, which is the most coveted among competitors and a crow...

Chicago sees the big pictures

By Drew Hunt

October 18, 2010

127 Hours--3/5The new film from Danny Boyle,“127 Hours,” chronicles the plight of one Aron Ralston, and the filmmaker’s frenetic style has once again taken the place of adequate pathos—but because it was only a matter of time before somebody gave this story the big screen treatment, we can credit Boyle for at least being the quickest to the punch. You know Ralston’s story even if you don’t recognize the name—he...

Q&A: Hoffman makes directoral debut

By David Orlikoff

September 27, 2010

Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Ortiz have worked together for more than a decade as two prominent members of the LAByrinth Theater Company. Their latest venture, “Jack Goes Boating,” is an adaptation of the successful play they starred in and is the first film Hoffman has directed after years of performing for theater.Jack (Hoffman) and his best friend Clyde (Ortiz) are limo drivers for Jack’s uncle in New York. The...

From left, Mackenna Janz, Cole Bizarri and Joseph J. Baez perform in

Circa’s stocking overflows in new show

November 19, 2009

Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse is offering a huge buffet, overflowing with delicious favorites just in time for the holidays.And there’s food, too.Circa’s holiday revue, “Holly Jolly Christmas,” is...

From 140 characters to the stage

By Colin Shively

September 21, 2009

The art of improvisation relies greatly on the audience giving small suggestions to the improv performers so they can create scenes for the onlookers’ enjoyment. But what if the suggestions were already in place—and were 140 characters or less?Social networking has come out of the digital world and into the theater world at The Playground Theater, 3209 N. Halsted St. Every Wednesday night, The Playground Theater create...

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