The Columbia Chronicle

Campaign ads in Senate race turn candidates into cartoons

By Katy Nielsen

October 25, 2010

As we approach midterm Election Day on Nov. 2, campaign ads become more aggressive. The focus drifts away from what the candidates offer and turns into rounds of playground name-calling.State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, a Democrat, and Congressman Mark Kirk, a Republican, are both vying for President Obama’s vacated Illinois Senate seat, and both are running less than civil ad campaigns.Watching television has turned in...

Sustainability remains priority for Columbia

By Samuel Charles

October 18, 2010

On Oct. 14 Columbia hosted the Chicago GreenTown Conference, which aims to raise awareness about environmental responsibility, at the 1104 Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave. The conference was aimed at city planners and civic audiences to promote sustainability, primarily focusing on transportation, community design and green neighborhoods.The keynote speakers at the conference were Phillipe Cousteau, activist and chief ocean corresponden...

Updated technology reigns supreme as buildings go green

By DerekKucynda

September 7, 2009

In an effort to modernize Columbia and improve sustainability, electrical, heating and ventilation systems were updated over the summer. In addition, various construction projects were completed to improve the safety of individuals at Columbia.However, due to budget cuts, certain building projects were put on hold as the college worked on renovating old systems and updating classrooms and labs with new equipment.One such pr...

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