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Author Katha Pollitt says yes to women’s abortion rights | The Columbia Chronicle

January 25, 2016

Author Katha Pollitt shares why she thinks abortion should be a noble right using points from her book, “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights,” which was named one of the New York Times’ Notable Books...

Communication, interviews will continue to become more difficult

By Editor-in-Chief

November 30, 2015

When the campus community read The Chronicle’s Nov. 23 Front Page story about the quiet cancellation of Story Week, one of the college’s most prominent literary events for nearly two decades, there was a sweeping outcry among students and faculty.The week the story was published included ripples of disappointment expressed through conversations in the college’s hallways and through social media comments and online share...

Potential jobs at Industry Events

By Heather Scroering

April 9, 2012

Industry Night was born four years ago on the evening before Manifest, Columbia’s major urban arts festival. The event was a night that encouraged graduating students to meet and showcase their work to creative industry professionals invited to the college. Since then, the concept has grown into something much larger.Now with 13 networking opportunities on six dates from April 10–May 4, the newly renamed Industry Event...

New semester invites new resolutions

By Lisa Schulz

January 17, 2012

While advancing in Columbia, welcoming the spring semester might take more organization than just moving old Word documents from your computer’s desktop to its recycle bin. Finishing old projects and starting a portfolio is now easier than never.Beginning the semester with a plan to tackle projects earlier can eliminate procrastination, help you meet deadlines and allow room for creative collaboration, all while allotting more time...

Pole dance fitness

By Katy Nielsen

February 21, 2011

Women straddle and spin around poles, roll their bodies and flip their hair while following an instructor who leads the class in a heart-pounding cardio workout. Pole dancing is not for strippers anymore. New studios are appearing around Chicago, and more women are discovering pole dancing as a way to express their sexuality, make new friends and get into shape.Kristin Hubbard, owner of Tease Dance and Fitness, 1831 Wehrli...

Healthy sexuality takes proper education, self reflection

By AmberMeade

November 1, 2010

I can’t recall any moment I learned about sex. I never received “the talk,” and attending Catholic school for six years wasn’t helpful on that subject.  All I remember from elementary school “sex ed” was learning about a woman’s monthly cycle one year too late. In my all-girl high school, an attractive man was invited to speak to an assembly about abstinence. My female peers drooled over him afterward as he p...

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