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Occupy Columbia granted town hall meeting with administration

By Samuel Charles

December 7, 2011

At approximately 12:20 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, more than 20 members of the Occupy Columbia coalition camped outside President Warrick L. Carter’s office on the fifth floor of the Alexandroff Campus Center, 600 S. Michigan Ave., asking for a town hall meeting so the group may have a chance to “air grievances” against the college. The grievances are hallmarked by Columbia’s rising tuition costs.After more than an hou...

Occupy Columbia protesters granted town hall meeting

By Dannis Valera

December 7, 2011

Members of the Occupy Columbia coalition camped out outside of President Warrick L. Carter's office on the fifth floor of the Alexandroff Campus Center, 600 S. Michigan Ave. After more than an hour of going back and forth, Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Louise Love offered the group a town hall meeting on Friday, Dec. 9, from 1 to 2 p.m.

Bottling Chicago’s spirit

By Amanda Murphy

December 5, 2011

When Sonat Birnecker Hart and her husband Robert decided to move to Chicago, they also decided to leave their careers behind in Washington, D.C. Birnecker Hart, a professor, and her husband, a press secretary for the Austrian Embassy, knew that they wanted a slower-paced life where they could walk to work and spend more time with their children. They knew they needed to start some sort of family business, but they couldn’...

A very Klingon Christmas

By Amanda Murphy

November 21, 2011

‘oH ‘oH HochHom Dun poH vo’ DIS. No, that’s not gibberish. No, a cat didn’t walk across the keyboard. It’s Klingon for “Its the most wonderful time of the year.”For the second holiday season, The Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave., is putting on “A Klingon Christmas Carol,” a variation of the timeless Charles Dickens production based on the trademark sci-fi show “Star Trek.” With twists and c...

Consumerism overshadows Thanksgiving

By Lindsey Woods

November 21, 2011

It’s the middle of November and there are no sounds of turkeys gobbling—just sleigh bells ringing. There are no store windows displaying images of pilgrims sharing meals with Native Americans. Instead, there are only displays of Santa and his reindeer.I guess it makes sense that in one of the most materialistic countries in the world, a holiday based around buying gifts would overshadow one meant to give us time to giv...

Bear necessities of Chicago indie music

By Amanda Murphy

November 7, 2011

Since its beginnings in 2008, the band Bears of Blue River has been touring the country, charming hearts and feeding the souls of all who will listen. With frontman Gavin Ellis Wilkinson contributing crush-inducing vocals, Justin Allen Spring on a smorgasbord of instruments including banjo, Dobro, lap steel and piano, Margaret Alexandra Gard singing soulful croons reminiscent of June Carter and Brian Michael Swoveland on dru...

Support comic book stores

By Luke Wilusz

November 7, 2011

Marvel Comics is set to begin releasing digital copies of all of its major titles on the same day they are available in print, according to a Nov. 2 exclusive from Gawker tech blog Gizmodo. It’s definitely a smart move on Marvel’s part, especially considering the fact that DC Comics began doing the same thing with its “New 52” relaunch in September.Bringing digital comics up to speed with their traditional print co...


By Darryl Holliday

November 7, 2011

With a combination of rising tuition, a recession, high levels of unemployment and unprecedented loan debt, it’s hard to know for certain if the country is experiencing a transitory crisis or another potentially catastrophic bubble. Many experts and higher education faculty members familiar with student loan debt think the latter.As overall student debt is set to top $1 trillion, graduates with federal and private loans may fin...

Loan defaults hit Columbia

By Editorial Board

October 31, 2011

As the unemployment rate hovers around 9 percent and more students graduate each year with an enormous burden of loan debt and no prospective career opportunities, default rates on these loans have steadily risen. For the first time, total student loan debt surpassed consumer credit card debt, reaching nearly $1 trillion. Occupy Wall Street has brought the issue to center stage, demanding that the U.S. government forgive ...

P-Fac complaint charges Columbia

By Lisa Schulz

October 17, 2011

In an official complaint issued Sept. 30, the National Labor Relations Board charged Columbia with unfair labor practices against P-Fac, the college’s part-time faculty union.The complaint alleges the college refused to collectively bargain with the union, specifically mentioning Louise Love, interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, who "threatened that she would no longer meet informally with union represe...

No break for labor negotiations

By Samuel Charles

May 9, 2011

The leadership of Columbia’s part-time faculty union, P-Fac, and the administration have been at odds throughout the academic year in regard to issues ranging from health care to job security to credit hour reductions. And while spring classes are concluding, the negotiations between the two parties will extend throughout summer with hopes of resolving as many differences as possible in a timely manner.Initially, P-Fac as...

Coal plant plans false

By Samuel Charles

May 2, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency’s lawsuit against Midwest Generation EME LLC, a local energy company, and its two coal plants in Pilsen and Little Village is ongoing. However, plans to build a third coal plant in downtown Chicago have proven to be an elaborate hoax.The Yes Men, a political and social activist group, managed to trick many South Loop residents into believing another plant was to be built on an empty lot ...

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