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Columbia College Transfer Students

College eases transfer process with IAI

September 2, 2014

With the decline of transfer student enrollment in recent years exceeding the decline in new freshmen enrollment, Columbia’s administration is implementing transfer-friendly policies.  Effective this semester, the school has joined the Illinois Articulation Initiative, making tran...

Members of Straightedge at Columbia, the college’s straight edge group, pose with the X symbol. The letter “X” or “XXX” is often used to represent the movement on straight edge clothing and memorabilia.

Life on the edge

April 21, 2014

Many college students sneak alcohol past residence hall security guards and cover the vents in their dorm rooms to contain the smell of weed on the weekend, but within that haze is a group of students ...

Going Against the Norm—Straight Edge

April 21, 2014

It has become a social norm for young adults to engage in typical college activities on the weekends such as smoking weed and drinking. A small percentage decide to rebel against that scene and forge a diff...

Chronicle sits down with Wearden

Chronicle sits down with Wearden

March 17, 2014

As Chicago began to thaw from the grueling winter, Stan Wearden made his first visit to Columbia’s campus March 14 as the soon-to-be provost and senior vice president. President Kwang-Wu Kim announced Wearden’s new position to the college community Feb. 26 in an email...

Chicago awarded digital lab

Chicago awarded digital lab

March 17, 2014

Chicago will soon be at the forefront of a digital manufacturing revolution after being awarded a new research center Feb. 23 in a federal competition.President Barack Obama encouraged cities last May...

Medical marijuana

Packing bongs, not heat

February 3, 2014

Illinois residents eligible to receive medical marijuana may have to choose between the right to own a handgun and their prescriptions.The Illinois Department of Public Health proposed on Jan. 21 that...

Perfect P---y performs at Schuba's Tavern on Wednesday, January 22nd.

Schuba diving for Perfect P—y

January 27, 2014

In Chicago, concertgoers will inevitably encounter many beards. Each beard is indicative of a different demographic: Big beards represent seasoned mosh veterans and little beards express the spry Wicker Park...

Punk Flock: Uncovering Chicago’s subculture of eccentric nomads

September 3, 2013

At 18 years old, D.J. Pommerville was eating pizza out of the trash, sneaking onto cross-country rail cars and getting drunk under highway bridges. Now, he's 33 and still dumpster diving. The only thing that's changed is he gets asked for his autograph. Pommerville is known as the crust lord, the figurative leader of a community of young panhandling travelers called crusties.Every summer, packs of crusties—mostly white, reb...

‘Mastodon’ guitarist goes ‘West’

By Alex Stedman

December 3, 2012

Brent Hinds is best known for shredding guitar in the heavy metal band Mastodon, but his side project, West End Motel, presents a whole new sound. The Atlanta-based band, which has been described as country/punk, is the product of a 20-year friendship between guitarist Hinds and vocalist Tom Cheshire.The group also includes Mike Shina, piano/guitar; Ben Thrower, acoustic guitar/background vocals; Stiff Penalty, bass guitar ...

‘Creepy’ Halloween rock

By Emily Ornberg

October 29, 2012

On Hallow’s Eve 2010, five musicians—Sam Huff, keyboard/organ; Dave Henderson, vocals; Jake Gold, guitar; Ray Knipe, drums; and Benji Jacobs, bass—united as Creepy Band and played their first show at their Wicker Park DIY concert space called The Beerics, 2315 W. North Ave.Influenced by groups such as Black Sabbath and The Doors, Creepy Band unleashes a dissonant, heavy rock sound, combining drums, guitar, church orga...

Photo by Carolina Sanchez

Less talk, more rock

September 24, 2012

SHREDDING SOLOS ON pizza-shaped guitars, a parodied abortion of Snooki’s baby, crowd surfing wheelchairs and bloody mosh pits: Riot Fest, held Sept. 14-16 in Humboldt Park, proved punk rock is still ...

Getting down with Zebra Katz

By Sophia Coleman

April 8, 2012

From the intimacy of his bedroom to the runways of Paris Fashion Week 2012, multidisciplinary artist Ojay Morgan, better known as Zebra Katz, has seen his career transform in a matter of months.Now the Brooklyn resident will be performing at parties for the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, an event from April 12–15 showcasing films, bands and live performers from many backgrounds and genres.This year, the fest...

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