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Candlelight vigil held for recent teen suicides

By Meghan Keyes

October 10, 2010

Members and allies of the LGBTQ community gathered in DePaul’s Lincoln Park quad on Oct. 8 to honor teens who recently committed suicide because of harassment. Attendees held candles and listened quietly to speakers tell their stories and encourage people to action, even when the sound system failed and a megaphone was used instead.Nine people were honored during the vigil: Raymond Chase, 19; Tyler Clementi, 18; Cody Barker, 17; Ha...

Q&A: Hoffman makes directoral debut

By David Orlikoff

September 26, 2010

Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Ortiz have worked together for more than a decade as two prominent members of the LAByrinth Theater Company. Their latest venture, “Jack Goes Boating,” is an adaptation of the successful play they starred in and is the first film Hoffman has directed after years of performing for theater.Jack (Hoffman) and his best friend Clyde (Ortiz) are limo drivers for Jack’s uncle in New York. The...

Making noise in fashion

By Brianna Wellen

September 6, 2010

In Vogue’s September issue, between Marc Jacobs advertisements and a Halle Berry feature, Nick Cave found his own designs gracing the legendary magazine’s pages.The Chicago-based artist won’t be shy about the accomplishment when he returns to his students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he is the head of the graduate fashion program.“I’m going to have [the issue] close to my chest hugging it,...

Michael Moore shows no love for ‘Capitalism’

By David Orlikoff

October 4, 2009

Throughout the decades,  America has seen the many faces of Michael Moore. His first feature, Roger and Me, which opened in 1989, was nearly accidental. Following the philosophy of “keep the camera rolling,” he edited anecdotes and random encounters into a hodgepodge where 70 percent of the film held a common theme.His only fictional work, Canadian Bacon, came in 1995 and simultaneously showed his lack of skill in craf...

Thriller ‘Whiteout’ fails to grip viewers

By David Orlikoff

September 20, 2009

Whiteout is a thriller set in Antarctica about U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko, directed by  Gone in 60 Seconds’ Dominic Sena.  After hearing the plot one must wonder why on Earth Kate Beckinsale was chosen to play the lead. It’s true she is the face of the Underworld action series, but those films are more akin to comic book movies where special effects and costumes are often more important than acting. Beckinsale’s o...

Director’s first feature fails to deliver

By David Orlikoff

September 12, 2009

Although film is a concrete form of art, the interpretation of the final product often varies by viewer. While the light and sound of the movie registers similarly in our brains, the constructed meaning we create outside the purest facts of plot is often entirely our own. Film is an active and engaging art form in which the audience creates their own living narrative as they bear witness to the static stimuli on the screen.  Th...

‘Extracting’ the truth from Mike Judge

By David Orlikoff

September 6, 2009

Writer/director Mike Judge has built a career on animation. He started out in the early ’90s making shorts leading to his creation of the iconic “Beavis and Butt-head” for MTV in ’93.  His next major project, “King of the Hill,” began in ’97 and prolific though his work in animation had been, Judge didn’t become a household name until after the release of his first live-action feature, Office Space in ’99. Ope...

‘Extract’ succeeds as a minor comedy

By David Orlikoff

September 6, 2009

Writer, director and animator Mike Judge broke into the scene in 1993 with the iconic MTV series “Beavis and Butt-Head.” His second major project, “King of the Hill,” began in 1997 and saw its 13th and final season this year. But no matter how prolific his animated work, he didn’t become a household name until after his live-action feature debut, Office Space in 1999.His latest film, Extract, tells the tale of Joel (pla...

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