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Iraq is crumbling to pieces

By The Columbia Chronicle

September 17, 2012

When Tariq al-Hashimi, fugitive Iraqi vice president and senior Sunni official, was convicted and sentenced to death on Sept. 9, it became clear that U.S. influence on the country has quickly faded since our troops withdrew in December 2011, leaving  a foreign policy disaster in their wake.The Iraqi government, led by Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, issued a warrant for al-Hashimi’s arrest Dec. 19, 2011, the day after...

Cyborg insects may be tomorrow’s heroes

By Brandon Smith

September 17, 2012

The idea of cyborg-like “biobots” has the allure of a science fiction novel, but they are real and may one day save your life.Researchers at North Carolina State University at Raleigh have artfully adorned Madagascar hissing cockroaches with radio transmitting “backpacks,” hoping that one day they will be able to navigate earthquake rubble and explore areas exposed to radiation.Alper Bozkurt, an assistant professor o...

Englewood program seeks to register voters

By Charles Jefferson

September 10, 2012

A group of community organizations in the Englewood neighborhood are working together to encourage more residents to register to vote in the 2012 election with hopes of persuading President Barack Obama to visit the area.The Englewood Votes initiative, a nonpartisan campaign, aims to register 5,000 new voters and increase turnout for future elections.Sonya Harper, an organizer of Englewood Votes, said she believes a visit fr...

College Collaboration Goes Three Ways

By Senah Yeboah-Sampong

September 10, 2012

Columbia’s student body has always included talented musicians among its student artists, and the college has always encouraged collaboration. The first-ever Music Industry Immersion Workshop, held July 23-28, exemplified this philosophy by bringing students from three programs together to record music and showcase artists.According to Joshua Shapera, Audio Arts and Acoustics faculty member, the course developed by the Arts, En...

NHL lockout looms

By Lindsey Woods

September 5, 2012

For several months last year, many sports fans were nearly reduced to tears at the mention of a lockout. First, it was the ongoing collective bargaining that threatened the 2011 NFL season. It was the talk of the town. How could we live without our beloved football? Luckily, the crisis was averted and the season kicked off without delay.Shortly after the NFL scare came the controversial and tense negotiations between professional basketbal...

Chicago Public Libraries waive fines as part of amnesty program

By Mark Minton

September 4, 2012

The Chicago Public Library system is are implementing a Blue Moon amnesty program in honor of the Aug. 31 blue moon to offer patrons with overdue books a clean slate.The CPL’s amnesty program is designed to bring patrons back to Chicago’s public libraries and give them an opportunity to expunge their record and utilize all of the free services libraries offer. The “Blue Moon Amnesty” is running from Aug. 20 throug...

Panel named to pick Carter’s successor

By Alexandra Kukulka

September 4, 2012

After President Warrick L. Carter announced his one-year early retirement on May 8, as previously reported by The Chronicle, a presidential advisory panel was created to screen potential candidates and make recommendations to the board of trustees, according to Allen Turner, chairman of the board.The 22-member panel, composed of faculty, staff administrators and trustees, will recommend between two and four candidates to th...

Former CFO sues Columbia

By Lindsey Woods

June 25, 2012

Columbia’s former Chief Financial Officer Michael DeSalle filed a lawsuit against the college, claiming he was wrongfully terminated for supporting former Columbia professor Zafra Lerman, who is in an ongoing legal battle with the school over her termination in 2009.The suit, which was filed on June 21, comes right after incoming Columbia CFO Ken Gotsch, who was hired in May, starts his new position at the college.DeSalle wa...

Difficult market in Chicago for digital jobs, but up-and-comers show promise

By Tim Shaunnessey

April 30, 2012

Chicago-based technology companies sometimes suffer because the city is not central to digital development, leading to few employment opportunities, according to Elizabeth Bleser, vice president of marketing at the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association, the only professional organization in Chicago for those in the interactive fields.Bleser said she believes this lack of opportunity diminishes people’s ability to develop pertinent sk...

Northwestern looks to stay sharp heading into ALC, NCAA tournament

By Nader Ihmoud

April 30, 2012

The Northwestern University Wildcats women’s lacrosse team begins postseason play in May, and after playing the toughest schedule in the league, the Wildcats are ready for whatever comes their way.When Northwestern enters the American Lacrosse Conference Tournament May 3,it will have already faced 12 ranked teams. As of press time, the Wildcats are 10-1 against ranked opponents. The team’s only loss came April 21 again...

Word on the Street: How do you de-stress from finals?

By Dannis Valera

April 30, 2012

Finals is one of the most stressful times for students during the whole semester. Although many Columbia students have started their final projects, a majority of the college is taking their final exams next week. Let's see what some students are doing to relieve some of their stress.

A love letter to Chicago

By Samuel Charles

April 23, 2012

This is potentially my second to last column ever, so I better make it good, right? I’ll try not to let you down, but bear with me.After graduation, which is 13 days from today, I’m fortunate enough to have a job. Well, an internship, actually, at the St. Paul Pioneer Press in, you guessed it, St. Paul, Minn. I have a plan after graduation, which is sadly more than a lot of people who are more deserving than me can sa...

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