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Bee & Tea opened its second location at 818 W. Fullerton Ave. on April 3. The new location serves asian food like baos, sandwiches, frozen yogurt and salads. 

Bee & Tea opens second location in Lincoln Park neighborhood

April 6, 2015

Bee & Tea, a cafe serving bubble tea—a drink with either tapioca pearls or fruit-flavored jellies—and distinctive Asian foods, opened its second location at 818 W. Fullerton Ave. in Lincoln Park on April 3...

2015 Studs Terkel Community Media Awards | The Columbia Chronicle

March 16, 2015

The Studs Terkel Community Media Awards have celebrated outstanding journalists in Chicago for the past two decades.This year’s award ceremony took place on March 12 at Film Row Cinema in Columbia’s 1104 S. Wabash...

Devon Chicago’s little Pakistan-India

February 10, 2015

Devon Avenue, located on the Far North Side of Chicago, offers spicy Indian and Pakistani food. It is also a home away from home to many of the city’s residents who are immigrants.The strip offers loca...

Winter Farmers Market Brings Vendors Indoors | The Columbia Chronicle

February 2, 2015

The Chicago Green City Market is an indoor farmers market located at the Peggy Notebaert Museum (2430 N. Cannon Dr.) in Lincoln Park.The customers and food vendors are delighted by year-round indoor setup, which provides them an opportunity to buy and sell fresh produce.The market will run two Saturdays per month through April.For more information and calendar visit:

Local Brewery Stirs Up Big Beer

February 2, 2015

Goose Island Brew Pub, located at 1800 N. Clybourn Ave., has been brewing craft beer since 1988.The brewery hosts "Beer Academy" on the last Wednesday of every month, to showcase their wide range of beers...

Culinary bookstore spices up Lincoln Park

Read It and Eat, 2142 N. Halsted St., is a new bookstore coming to Lincoln Park with a focus on culinary literature. Owner Esther Dairiam said she hopes to open the store the first week of April.

By Arts & Culture Reporter

January 26, 2015

Read It and Eat, a new culinary bookstore slated to open in April, will offer cooking demonstrations as well as cookbooks at its Lincoln Park location.Esther Dairiam, owner of Read It and Eat, 2142 N. ...

Uneven wealth distribution affects more than just income

By Maria Castellucci Opinions Editor

October 6, 2014

Mohamed El-Erian, former CEO of Pacific Investment Management Company, a global investment management firm, gained notoriety after a blog post went viral last week where he admitted the reason he quit his job last January was because his 10-year-old daughter presented him with a list of 22 events he missed in her life.Commentators praised El-Erian for quitting his high-profile job to spend more quality time with his child, bu...

Class cancellations by department

Classes not in session

September 2, 2014

A new college-wide policy was implemented July 16 to close sections of classes that did not reach an enrollment of 60 percent of maximum class size weeks before registration closed. Stan Wearden, senior vice president and provost, sent out a college-wide email July 16 announcing a d...

Ken Dunn Collects Chicago’s Compost

April 14, 2014

When excess food spoils or goes to waste, it is moved to landfills, producing methane and accelerating climate change—unless it is composted. Ken Dunn, president and founder of Resource Center, a no...

President Obama in town, met with protesters

April 7, 2014

President Barack Obama is in Chicago April 2 to raise funds for the Democratic National Committee. However, his short visit attracted environmental protestors. Activists crowded West Fullerton Avenue i...

Change policies with climate

By Contributing Writer

March 3, 2014

All winter, the Midwest and Eastern regions have faced glacial winter storms named after terrifying mythological Greek characters. The average temperature for Chicago this winter will likely be around 16–18 degrees, making it the third-coldest winter since records began in 1877, according to the National Weather Service.The miserable winter weather must mean that climate change isn’t real, right? Wrong. On behalf of every brea...

DJs engage musical warfare

By Justin Moran

April 22, 2013

In a raging fury, the DJ scratches his vinyl on the turntable as if to scratch out the competitors’ eyes with a pounding bass line. Fists lack the sonic strength of speakers and the only harsh words exchanged between parties can be heard lyrically. No blood is shed in this musical bar fight, but the sweat from dancing patrons flows incessantly.On April 17, a lineup of five Chicago-based DJs—S@INT, Trmnl Freq, DT, Jamr...

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