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Unearthing an underground empire: A city divided

March 17, 2014

Click here to read Part I of Unearthing an Underground Empire.When drugs infiltrated Chicago’s gangs in the late 1980s, they brought prosperity to gang leaders. Moving pounds of crack-cocaine and raking in tho...

City Council approves 2013 budget

By The Columbia Chronicle

November 19, 2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2013 budget proposal was passed overwhelmingly during a City Council meeting on Nov. 15 by a vote of 46-3.The $6.5 billion budget, which comes to $8 billion when grant funding is added, is the second Emanuel has drafted since he took office and focuses on expanding schools and on structural reform among the city’s departments.“We need to ensure that we are not only righting our fiscal ship, but [th...

Fact checking trending in 2012

By Kaley Fowler

October 29, 2012

By Kaley Fowler and Charles Jefferson, Metro Editor and Contributing WriterFact checkers abound in the 2012 presidential election, and they are casting new light on polls and political statements in an effort to properly inform the public.According to Bill Adair, editor of the fact-checking website, verifying facts has become crucial in this year’s election because of the vast amount of available information....

Issues on ice

By Lindsey Woods

September 24, 2012

Sports fans are being served a tall glass of déjà vu—on ice. The NHL is now officially past its Sept. 15 lockout deadline, meaning the ghost of the lost 2004–2005 season is starting to haunt the nightmares of hockey fans.Negotiations have been slow thus far, and sports sources are not-so-subtly hinting that this lockout may last. The NHL and its Players’ Association have had only a few formal meetings, none of which have yie...

NHL lockout looms

By Lindsey Woods

September 5, 2012

For several months last year, many sports fans were nearly reduced to tears at the mention of a lockout. First, it was the ongoing collective bargaining that threatened the 2011 NFL season. It was the talk of the town. How could we live without our beloved football? Luckily, the crisis was averted and the season kicked off without delay.Shortly after the NFL scare came the controversial and tense negotiations between professional basketbal...

Posters reflect city’s multiple identities

By Sophia Coleman

April 23, 2012

Sometimes it can be hard to fathom how vast and diverse the city is, but a Columbia alumnus who majored in graphic design has the perfect remedy.Chris Gorz, who graduated in 1991, started his Chicago poster series almost one year ago with the mission to create iconic and vintage-inspired prints that help locals connect with their communities. So far, he has designed eight posters for Andersonville, Edgewater, Lakeview, Linco...

Robert Morris University Eagles women’s hockey team fly into postseason at No. 3

By Lindsey Woods

February 6, 2012

Robert Morris University’s women’s hockey team started this season fresh with new coaches, new captains and a new attitude.Losing forwards Mandy Dion and Danielle McCutcheon, two of the team’s top scorers from last season, hasn’t slowed the Eagles’ ratings, as the players are ranked No. 3 in the American Collegiate Hockey Association going into the postseason.“We had a little bit of a rocky start just getting the f...

Wolf pack back in Chicago

By Lindsey Woods

November 28, 2011

The Chicago Wolves came back home after a four-game winning streak to face the San Antonio Rampage on Nov. 19. Unfortunately, the home-ice tripped the team up, ending a season-high streak in a 3-4 battle against the same team that showed up the players at the season opener in Texas.Outshooting the Rampage 24-9 in the last two periods wasn’t enough to bring the Wolves back from a deficit of three unanswered goals at the end of ...

Spark debate, not ignorance

By Brianna Wellen

November 21, 2011

For many students, college is a time to explore political inclinations and have healthy debates with other students regarding issues facing our country. This time of exploration will inevitably elicit naïve and ignorant comments from young political enthusiasts who, it is hoped, will research and learn from their mistakes in order to strengthen their argument in the future. It’s surprising, then, that the top student le...

Wolves embrace change this season

By Lindsey Woods

October 3, 2011

The Chicago Wolves have made quite a few changes since last year’s training camp. In addition to a new head coach and new assistant coach, most of the players are also new. During the summer, they switched their National Hockey League affiliation from the Atlanta Thrashers to the Vancouver Canucks.The Wolves training camp started last week, and their season opener will be on Oct. 8 in San Antonio.On June 27, the minor league...

Senioritis inevitable, forgivable

By SpencerRoush

April 18, 2011

Let the countdown begin. In roughly one month, college seniors will graduate from their familiar laidback lifestyle while reality waits to give them a swift kick in the pants after they cross the stage and are nudged out the door.Here comes more responsibility, debt, mind-numbing job searches and, of course, panic. And who can blame them? In several weeks, many seniors will add to the already hard-pressed unemployment rat...

RIC Blackhawks sled hockey

By Cristina Aguirre

February 28, 2011

Sled hockey, or sledge hockey, is a Paralympics sport, but the game follows the same rules as ice hockey. Every Wednesday and Sunday, the Rehab Institute of Chicago’s sled hockey team, the RIC Blackhawks, take to the ice at McFetridge Sports Center, 3843 N. California Ave. The Chronicle's Katy Nielsen takes you to the ice.

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