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To be Greek or not to be Greek

By Editor-in-Chief

December 1, 2014

The role that a formal Greek system plays on a college campus is often misrepresented with films like the airheaded “The House Bunny” and misogynistic, hypersexualized “Van Wilder,” Rather than highlight the philanthropic efforts or community building the groups can foster, sororities and fraternities tend to be viewed as party collectives filled with people more concerned with finding a good drink and someone to bed tha...

John Wawrzaszek (center) accepted the Gold Level Campus Sustainability Compact Award based on the various environmental efforts the college has initiated on campus.

Columbia wins gold for going green

November 17, 2014

In a world evermore concerned with environmentalism and green energy, Columbia is considered at the forefront of sustainability. The college received a Gold Level Campus Sustainability Compact Award Oc...

Liquid bandage

Researchers develop ‘smart’ bandage

October 13, 2014

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have created a new bandage that has the ability to estimate how fast a wound is healing.Conor Evans, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, said the resear...

Strong Eyebrow Game

Strong eyebrow game

By Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

May 5, 2014

Columbia student Sydney Zenon has one strict fashion rule for herself: She cannot leave the house without filling in her perfefectly-plucked eyebrows. As she delved into the world of makeup during her ...

Kim reimagines innovation as a group-think

Kim reimagines innovation as a group-think

May 5, 2014

President Kwang-Wu Kim’s State of the College address, presented to the Columbia College community on April 18, was a careful blending of innovative plans and practical considerations about the ...

O’Hare soars to top of green movement

By The Columbia Chronicle

November 12, 2012

As city officials seek to improve energy and emissions policies downtown, O’Hare International Airport is setting its own national and international benchmarks forenvironmental consciousness.At the fifth annual Airports Going Green Conference, held Nov. 5–7 at the Westin River North Hotel, 320 N. Dearborn St., O’Hare was recognized for its promotion of clean energy use and its plan to implement energy-efficient cargo l...

Columbia creates culture of sustainability

By Ivana Hester

November 5, 2012

Columbia’s Sustainability Task Force welcomed student input during an open meeting Oct. 30 at the 33 E. Congress Parkway Building.One of the topics discussed at the meeting, which three students attended, was the updated Sustainability Roadmap published by the college Oct. 15. The original plan, which was published in August 2011, outlined a five-year strategy to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The revised map upd...

Regenerative design goes beyond sustainability

By Brandon Smith

October 1, 2012

The Sustainable Sites Initiative, a collaborative group dedicated to creating voluntary national guidelines and performance ratings for land design, construction and maintenance across the country, recently certified 11 of its sustainable landscape projects.The initiative is an example of how the combination of architecture, sustainability and business models can promote the idea that regenerative landscapes are an integral part of a community’s well-being, according to Lisa Storer, program coordina...

Chicago public high schools teach technology skills for future employment

By Chris Loeber

March 12, 2012

In an effort to prepare students for the modern workforce, some city schools are rethinking their curriculum to provide high school graduates with the skills needed to land jobs.Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Feb. 28 that five Chicago public high schools have partnered with leading technology companies to offer students an education focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics—better known as STEM.The new insti...

Columbia green initiative doing ‘crate’

By Amanda Murphy

January 31, 2011

At a constantly growing and evolving college, the process of moving offices can be costly, complicated and not exactly eco-friendly. The Columbia of 2011 has new and innovative ways to make this routine more environmentally responsible.Replacing cardboard boxes with re-usable plastic crates is one example of the new ways the college is adjusting. Although the change might seem small, overall it will make a difference.According ...

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