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Food truck drivers sue city over ordinance

By Kaley Fowler

November 26, 2012

Although a City Council ordinance, approved Oct. 31, has designated 21 new parking spaces for food trucks, several owners are claiming the city’s food truck map unfairly favors established eateries.In conjunction with the Institute for Justice, a libertarian public interest law firm, three truck owners filed a lawsuit Nov. 14 against the city seeking to overturn several provisions of the ordinance. Disputed passages incl...

Nearby Thai

By Emily Ornberg

November 19, 2012

Chef Andy Aroonrasameruang has his hands Thai’d at his own Lakeview restaurant.The chef was previously a partner of TAC Quick, 3930 N. Sheridan Road, a restaurant known for its beautifully prepared servings of any Thai food imaginable. With the help of his friends in the Thai LGBT community, he and his partner transformed TAC from a quaint BYOB with six tables to a spacious restaurant spanning two storefronts and a sidew...

There’s a ‘First Time’ for everything

By Trevor Ballanger

October 22, 2012

Whether it happened in a candle-lit hotel room with Marvin Gaye playing on the radio or in the backseat of a Mustang after the Homecoming dance, most people have memorable stories about losing their virginity.In the play “My First Time” by Los Angeles playwright Ken Davenport, four actors retell true stories of sexual initiation submitted to, a website created by film director Peter Foldy. The play ran off-B...

Taste of Charleston in Chicago

By Alex Stedman

September 10, 2012

The East Coast seafood, fresh vegetables and fluffy rice of Lowcountry cuisine can cause mouthwatering reactions, but Chicago hasn’t had a restaurant featuring this distinctive genre, until now.Mark Steuer, executive chef The Bedford, is opening the highly-anticipated Carriage House restaurant Sept. 18 at 1700 W. Division St in Wicker Park. Though Chicago has its fair share of Southern cuisine from restaurants such as B...

Panda Express Serves Free Food

By Sara Mays

January 21, 2012

Panda Express will be serving free food on Jan. 18 from 11am till 8pm for their official grand opening. The new Panda Express located at 515 South State St, decided to give out free entrée meals as a way of advertising to local businesses, students and residents of the Loop.[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.8276" useexpressinstall="true" movie="

Urban Dolorosa

By Brent Lewis

November 9, 2011

Urban Dolorosa is a multimedia ceremony to honor the school age children and teenagers that were killed by violence over the past 3 school years in Chicago. The ceremony took place in 5 locations throughout the city and brought together all groups of people to honor those they have lost to violence. Urban Dolorosa included a musical choir, poetry and photographs. The piece brought out many individuals to pay their respects incl...

Fresh Moves Delivers The Goods

By Brent Lewis

September 12, 2011

Fresh Moves is an organization that sells fresh produce to residents of the Austin and Lawndale neighborhoods that do not have the ability to reach fresh produce. These neighborhoods, known as food deserts, do not have big chain grocery stores or stores with fresh produce. Fresh Moves developed by community leaders are trying to get these residents to eat better in the hope that they can live better and develop better eating h...

STEM Magnet School proposed for Near West Side

By Kristen Franzen

January 24, 2011

A plan for a new magnet school on the Near West Side is reigniting debate between supporters of neighborhood schools and those who back Chicago’s plan for expanding specialized education in the city.In addition to three other magnet schools located on the Near West Side, a proposed new magnet school to be housed in the former Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, 1522 W. Fillmore St., has sparked the interest of parents wh...

Season change brings fall tastes to tables

By J_Howard

October 7, 2010

The change from summer to autumn brings more than just cool weather and colorful leaves; it’s also time for Chicago restaurants to introduce some of their fall foods, bringing warmth and comfort to the table.Fall foods tend to include produce like pumpkin, apple and squash with spices to complement them. This season, local restaurants and home cooks are putting a new spin on traditional autumn foods.“People are experimenting mo...

New restaurant offers international cuisine

By KatherineGamby

November 30, 2009

Music surged as patrons danced on mahogany floors in between sipping sangria and sampling appetizer trays of pepper-crusted tuna and Caribbean ceviche. Men leaned against the bar, centered in the middle of the room, hoping to catch the attention of women dancing across the room. Women sat conversing on comfortable sofas tucked inside cutaways in the lounge walls with pulled-back curtains. This was the opening of Mezé Tap...

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