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DC’s ‘empowered women’ defense a joke

By Luke Wilusz

October 3, 2011

I’ve got to hand it to DC Comics—when they set their minds to alienating their readership and upsetting a lot of people, they seem to be second to none. The comic giant’s much-maligned universal reboot saw the end of many ongoing series starring female lead characters, and some of DC’s remaining superheroines have been reduced to shallow, oversexed shells of their former selves.While female superheroes have always ...

Recollections of original Chicago Playboy Club; new club plans to open next year

By Sophia Coleman

September 19, 2011

A velvety red carpet trails up from the street and under the color-stacked canopy surrounding the entrance of the sexy, swanky Playboy Club. A heavy layer of cigar smoke clogs the senses and induces a dream-like state, while scantily clad Bunnies serve up drinks, food and games. This was the original Playboy Club of the 1960s—the place where sex and sophistication combined to create an atmosphere that transcended the prudis...

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