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Pollution control underway

By Vanessa Morton

September 11, 2011

H. Kramer & Co., a local brass and bronze smelter, has found itself in hot water after Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a complaint against it.The company agreed to a preliminary injunction which requires it to immediately reduce lead emissions from its plant, according to the Attorney General’s Office. In compliance, H. Kramer is accountable for replacing existing pollution control equipment with new state-of-th...

Bolivia’s nature legislation something to strive for

By Heather McGraw

May 8, 2011

Some of us in Chicago may love the iconic Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, but if we’re speaking truthfully, a cornfield is almost certainly more of a state symbol than a carnival ride. Midwestern farmers have undoubtedly dealt with decades of struggles regarding their crops, and their battle likely isn’t over yet because new federal budget talks might include cutting funds to farm subsidies, according to a May 4 Washington Post...

Fresh start summer smoothie

By A.J. Abelman

May 8, 2011

It’s no secret we all have a hard time fitting in three balanced meals a day.  That is the nature of being busy. But our health does not need to suffer because of this. Spring and summer are the times to focus on eating well and living active lives. Luckily, finding time for the most important meal of the day is as easy as throwing fresh fruit or vegetables in the blender.Start by getting all your ingredients out. Pour ...

Learn to lighten up for laugh

By BenitaZepeda

April 3, 2011

Whether it strikes at home or in the office, April Fools’ Day is a good way to cope with the depressing last leg of Chicago’s winters. It provides an escape, even for a brief moment, from the constant seriousness and responsibility many adult lives are plagued with. But what happens when a simple prank completely backfires and turns into an awful situation full of negative feedback?One should ask reporter Shawn Jones of ...

Lofty aspirations inspired by media

By BenitaZepeda

March 13, 2011

In a society bombarded with hundreds of messages and advertisements each day, it’s important for people to recognize what their opinions are and stick to them. Think about it: How many commercials are on television for beauty products, anti-aging creams and celebrity tabloids that proudly display people who had work done who needed it? Perhaps we aspire to aspects of life we cannot attain.The British television show “...

Green cars of the future may be costly

By Heather McGraw

March 13, 2011

Residents tired of rising gas prices might have an easier time transitioning to electric vehicles now that the Illinois Commerce Commission is on board and trying to make sure Illinois stays a step ahead of the game in planning for electric vehicles and charging stations.At a policy meeting concerning plug-in electric vehicles in Chicago, members of the ICC agreed many questions about the future of green transportation re...

Eight-bit Windy City

By Luke Wilusz

December 6, 2010

With their Game Boys, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, synthesizers and computers at the ready, a group of local artists are gearing up to kick start a musical movement in Chicago. Their genre of choice is chiptune—also called chip music or just chip—a style of electronic music created by hacking old electronic devices such as Game Boys, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Commodore 64s, etc. to manipulate their sound cards...

Wolves road woes

By Etheria Modacure

November 29, 2010

Before the Chicago Wolves embarked on their annual circus trip—totaling eight games away from home—the team was solid with a good goaltending tandem in Edward Pasquale and Drew McIntyre, and good plays from centers Jason Krog and Jared Ross and right wing Spencer Machacek.After dropping a season-high seven consecutive games on the trip, the Wolves returned home on Nov. 20 for a brief three-game homestand to try to turn...

Solar energy systems shine on dim industry

By Darryl Holliday

November 22, 2010

Though jobs in the solar energy industry are on the rise, Illinois is lagging behind other Midwestern states in solar industry development, according to a new report from The Solar Foundation.According to the National Solar Jobs Census 2010, the solar industry employed an estimated 93,000 workers as of August, though only 533 are employed in the state, according to Environment Illinois.Sixteen of those jobs are located at So...

‘Due Date’ follows comedic roadmap

By Drew Hunt

November 3, 2010

Given the often formulaic nature of mainstream comedies, it only makes sense that Todd Phillips, director of last year’s breakaway hit “The Hangover,” would turn to one of Hollywood’s most tried and true genres: the road movie. Ever since Clark Gable wooed Claudette Colbert in “It Happened One Night,” moviegoers have remained transfixed by the expansive nature of the open highway and how it pertains to a sort of A...

New study links herbicide to frog decline

By Patrick Smith

March 8, 2010

Last week, University of California-Berkeley Professor Tyrone Hayes published a new study on the effects of the herbicide Atrazine,  saying the chemical changes some male frogs into females and chemically castrates others. But the maker of the drug fired back, calling Hayes’ science unsound. The company said Hayes is an activist, not a scientist.The article was published in the online edition of the Proceedings of the Nat...

Illinois top user of possibly dangerous herbicide

By Patrick Smith

March 1, 2010

Illinois is the No. 1 purchaser in the country of an herbicide that may cause breast and prostate cancer, according to Professor Tyrone Hayes from the University of California-Berkeley.Hayes gave a presentation to the Illinois General Assembly, and later to a community group in Chicago’s Blackstone Library on Feb. 24, about the grave dangers the corn herbicide Atrazine poses to humans and animals. Atrazine is produced by t...

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