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‘No Child’ defines nothing but failure

By The Quad-City Times Editorial Board

November 9, 2009

No Child Left Behind test scores are out in Illinois and the results are tiredly the same.Failure, failure, failure.We've lamented this before (More children left behind," our Sept. 17 editorial on Iowa Q-C's dismal No Child results).And we'll keep raising concerns as long as Quad-City schoolchildren continue to be anchored to a program that keeps producing such lousy results.This year, every Illinois metro Quad-City high s...

Weapons of mass instruction

By Steven Schnarr

February 2, 2009

Federal funding for education is a policy that has been largely present in the United States since 1965, and it is a policy that never should have started in the first place-but it's getting worse.On Jan. 28, the House passed an $819 billion stimulus package, which has about $142 billion reserved for education, more than any other project. But just like any time the federal government hands out money, there are strings attach...

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