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Neo-’60s heartbreak artist

By Emily Ornberg

November 19, 2012

Kirby Kaiser’s vintage style of music transports listeners to a time of sugary pop melodies seasoned with retro, doo-wop harmonies. Her music may even be mistaken for that of ’60s girl groups like The Supremes and The Shangri-Las. Kaiser, however, is a 19-year-old Boystown resident.Inspired by heartbreak, Kaiser started writing music in high school after Fiona Apple’s songs helped her through boy troubles. She issued her...

Athlete Profile: Anna Martin

By Kyle Rich

November 5, 2012

Anna Martin, senior guard for the DePaul Blue Demons women’s basketball team, was nominated Oct. 18 for the 2012-–2013 Preseason Big East Player of the Year award. This year marks her final season with the Blue Demons, and she will try to help her team make it far intothe postseason.When she attended Lexington Christian Academy high school in Kentucky, she led her team to three state championships. Coming off a recent ank...

4,000 Iraq war-stricken voices heard in exhibit

By Alex Stedman

November 5, 2012

As those dealing with the tragedies of the Iraq war find ways to express their distress, one Chicago artist took the initiative to turn the emotions of more than 4,000 people into art.Jennifer Karmin, an artist, poet and adjunct faculty member in the English Department, has written a poem titled “4000 Words 4000 Dead,” a four-year project composed of submissions from soldiers, veterans and civilians. She has performed the pie...

Editor’s note: Quality over quantity

By Heather Scroering

October 29, 2012

Columbia prides itself on being “the largest and most diverse private nonprofit arts and media college in the nation.” But my mother  told me bigger isn’t always better.This month, Time Magazine conducted a survey of 1,000 adults, and 80 percent said they felt students don’t get the education they’re paying for at many colleges. Of the 540 college administrators Time surveyed, 41 percent agreed. Furthermore, 58 pe...

Athlete Profile: Rebecca Christensen

By Nader Ihmoud

October 22, 2012

College/Team: Columbia RenegadesSport: CheerleadingAge/Major: junior, art & designRebecca Christensen’s cheering career dates back to her middle school days, before she joined the local Cheer Illinois Athletics chapter in Bensenville during her senior year of high school. Christensen said she learned the most about the sport during her time in the cheer program.Now the captain of Columbia’s cheer team is working to ...

DePaul University basketball may be bouncing back to Chicago

By Kyle Rich

October 15, 2012

After decades of having its athletes travel 15 miles from campus for home games, DePaul University has finally recognized the need for closer quarters.Mayor Rahm Emanuel and DePaul officials recently hinted that the university may move its main basketball facility back to the city from its current location  at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill. According to Greg Greenwell, director of athletic communications at DePaul, th...

Fictional heroes have real life application

By Contributing Writer

October 8, 2012

by Joshua D. LindseyContributing WriterWhile it is highly unlikely that a normal human will someday obtain the powers of flight, super speed or heat vision, recent research indicates something real may be passed from fictional super heroes to everyday people.A recent study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and conducted at the University at Buffalo, suggests that men who personally identify with s...

Admissions policy needs less generosity

By Editorial Board

September 24, 2012

Enrollment for Columbia’s fall semester is down 842 students. A good number of those–310 students–did not return because of a failure to meet academic standards. Seemingly, there are students who are unable to keep up with the college’s expectations, and this might have to do with the school’s admission policy.Columbia accepts more than 80 percent of its applicants, according to its website. This is actually not t...

Featured Athlete: Megan Pyrz

By Brandon Smith

September 10, 2012

Megan Pyrz, a sophomore at DePaul University, started playing goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team as a freshman. She was recently named Big East Goalkeeper of the Week, based on the outstanding season she has recorded so far. In six games, she has allowed only three goals and has made 27 saves, the second most in the Big East conference. The Chronicle met with the Minnesota native before she went home for the Minnesota Gold C...

Blue Demons men’s soccer shows optimism

By Brandon Smith

September 4, 2012

After a 1-1-0 start to its season, the DePaul Blue Demons men’s soccer team might need more than good statistics to stay positive through the remainder of the season.A disappointing loss to the Western Illinois Leathernecks on Aug. 29 is not an indicator of the season’s course, DePaul Head Coach Craig Blazer said. Even though the scoreboard read defeat, the Blue Demons dominated the game statistically with 21 shots on go...

Last listening forums for prioritization

By Heather Scroering

April 16, 2012

The last forums before President Warrick L. Carter and the Board of Trustees decide the fate of Columbia’s programs were held April 9–10. While the college has historically been known for its open admissions policy, the Academic Team discussed in depth its recommendation that admissions become more selective.The Academic and Support & Operations teams hosted assemblies open to the college community at Film Row Cinem...

Story Week tells another chapter

By Lisa Schulz

April 2, 2012

Hundreds of people swarmed Columbia’s campus and sponsors’ venues to sit back and listen to the fictional stories, conversations, concerts and advice from faculty and featured authors.The 16th annual Story Week Festival of Writers encompassed 21 events from March 18–23 in locations throughout Chicago. Discussion topics ranged from gender differences in literature, Q-and-A sessions, music, publishing tips and more under t...

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