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College ratings insignificant in education decision

By Editorial Board

March 30, 2015

The U.S. Department of Education has faced consistent criticism for its arbitrary college ratings system. Each year, it releases a list of the country’s colleges and their respective ratings despite the list and its merits being called into question. The ratings are intended to help individuals decide which college they should attend each year, but the list is relative and too often favors expensive legacy schools—colle...

Notable Native-Jeff Baker

By Assistant Metro Editor

September 15, 2014

Jeffrey Baker, born and raised in Chicago, has decided to run for alderman of the 21st Ward against incumbent Howard Brookins. The husband and father of three served four years in the National Guard as a telecommunications specialist.  Baker’ said his goal is to bring new and positive change to the residents in the 21st Ward.The Chronicle spoke with Baker about serving in the military, his plans for the 21st Ward and char...

The Columbia Chronicle Graduating Class of 2014

May 15, 2014

After 1,460 days, the time has finally come for seniors to graduate. It's a time to look back at your four years at Columbia and reflect on how everything has been preparing you for this moment. "What a...

Stitching together artistic past, present

The artists featured in DePaul’s Art Museum exhibit “From Heart to Hand” exhibit are African-American women working in Gee’s Bend, Ala. The quilts, including Mary Maxiton’s “Everybody Quilt” (pictured above) celebrate a historically rich cultural practice.

By Sarah Madera

April 28, 2014

African-American women made quilts to keep their families warm long before the Civil War, but now the quilts demonstrate a cultural artistry unique to the South. To honor the historical significance o...

Columbia, CPS team up to create tech schools

By Tyler Eagle

January 26, 2013

Chicago Public School students can look forward to more digital education in the classroom, thanks to a grant awarded to Columbia.On Dec. 18, the U.S. Department of Education awarded Columbia’s Center for Community Arts Partnerships, an organization dedicated to bettering Chicago students through arts education programs, a $3 million grant to fund a digital media program called Convergence Academies, according to David F...

Homeless students invisible on college campuses

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 5, 2012

During the 2011 blizzard, dubbed the “Snowpocalypse,” most college students were busy partying indoors as snow piled up outside. However, one student spent those days huddled at a bus stop, trying to stay warm.With his clean shirt and jeans, trimmed hair and bright smile, it isn’t obvious that Aaron James Flowers, a junior radio student who also goes by Jay Babii SwagLoud, was recently homeless. But Flowers is just on...


By The Columbia Chronicle

October 22, 2012

by Heather Schroering, Editor-In-Chief and Ivana Hester, Assistant Campus EditorThe median annual income of recent Columbia graduates lags far behind that of other colleges’ alumni, nearly $7,000 below the national median for those in the arts and media fields and $5,000 below the median for all recent U.S. college graduates, a Columbia survey shows.In fall 2011, the college surveyed 2,500 Columbia alumni who graduated wit...

Campuses need to regulate how students’ data is used

By Editorial Board

April 23, 2012

Open data is common on social networks like Facebook, which tailors advertisements to users’ profile information. Now, a government campaign aims to help students use open data with the “MyData button,” similar to the “blue button” of health care. The application would allow students to download their own information in a readable format that could then be shared with third-party tech developers. The idea is that perso...

Federal bill could help low-income students

By Editorial Board

April 2, 2012

Student debt has been a hot topic on the 2012 presidential campaign trail. Millions of college graduates in the U.S. are leaving school with thousands of dollars in debt and minimal job prospects. President Barack Obama tried to alleviate the student debt crisis when Congress passed his student loan plan, part of his administration’s “We Can’t Wait” initiative.Another Senate bill, aptly named the American Dream Acco...

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