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Activists rally in support of Gov. Quinn’s proposal to close Tamms Correctional Center

By Kaley Fowler

April 9, 2012

Because it uses solitary confinement as a means of punishment, the Tamms Correctional Center in Tamms, Ill., has been a controversial topic since its opening in 1998. Now, a proposal from Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration may require the facility to close, prompting a greater push from anti-Tamms activists.In his 2013 budget plan, Quinn proposed closing Tamms to save taxpayers $26.6 million annually. While Quinn’s concern i...

Blackhawks lead dissolving division

By Gregory Cappis

December 12, 2011

Captain Jonathan Toews is keeping his team atop the Central Division in its last year of existence.The NHL agreed to realign the league into four conferences of seven or eight teams, starting next fall. This will cut down on travel and develop more heated rivalries between division foes. The announcement was made on Dec. 5 during the Blackhawks meeting with the Coyotes.As highlighted by the game against the Coyotes, the Blac...

Chicago communities “smokeout” crime

By Sophia Coleman

November 28, 2011

Fighting crime never tasted so good.By serving up hamburgers, hot dogs and vegetarian-friendly grilled goods, the Bridgeport, Canaryville and Back of the Yards communities are taking a different approach to battling crime and gang activity.These barbeque get-togethers, called “smokeouts,” usually take place in front of drug dealers’ homes or in known gang territory. Community groups, like the Bridgeport Citizens Gro...

Chronicle senior farewell

By Lisa Wardle

December 13, 2010

Well, that is that. I have finished the last paper I will ever write for college. All that is left are two exams and a presentation and then my college career will be complete. I am not sure whether I deserve a congratulations, good luck or maybe a little bit of both.Columbia is not like any other school. It is a unique environment that couldn’t be replicated anywhere else. That is why I transferred here from Ohio. I needed something new, vibrant and challenging. I got exactly what I asked for.Looking back on my three years at Columbia, I’m beginning to see my peers, colleagues and my professors who challenged me at almost every turn, and for that I am grateful. There is no mathematical equation (yes, we do have math at Columbia) to show all I have learned and am prepared to do so once I go out into a world still unfamiliar to me. I must admit, I am scared, if not fearful about taking the first step. The job industry is dismal, our economy is still on the rocks and unemployment is on the rise. Who wouldn’t be afraid?But through my time here and living in Chicago, I have learned one valuable thing I will always take to heart: I have my friends, family and co-workers to help guide me and push me in the right direction when I am at a loss. Without them, I would never have made it to Columbia and all the way to graduation. They have seen me cry, be angry and crazy, but they all stuck with me and it’s something I won’t be able to repay. Thank you to all my friends, you are my Chicago family and I love you dearly.Since enrolling at Columbia, I have worked at The Chronicle day and night, week after week. It has been grueling at times, but they have been the best times of my life while on campus. I have made friendships and connections that will last beyond Chicago.The Chronicle isn’t replicated anywhere else on campus. We have a mini-Columbia College in the office with journalism, photography, fiction writing,  graphic,  advertising, marketing communication, fine art, film and video and even fashion design majors all working together. It is the real world, in a way.Columbia teaches us we can’t do everything on our own—the world was not created by any single person. If we want to do as our motto says and “create change” in this world, then the first step is with us coming together toward that goal. We all have different passions, different knowledge and experiences. But if this oddball Chronicle staff can win “Best of the Midwest” and best overall in the entire state of Illinois, than we can certainly make a change in the outside world. True, a single person could change the world, but there is strength in numbers.You are a strange school, Columbia. But you are, after all, where misfits come together and start to create and change the world. Our inspiration comes from the knowledge you give us. I will miss you.

Crime stats vs. campus reality

By Katy Nielsen

October 11, 2010

Despite a decrease in the number of crimes reported to Campus Safety and Security and local police from 2008 to 2009, two recent on-campus incidents remind Columbia students about the realities of living in a large city.  The 2010 Annual Crime Statistics and Fire Safety Report published at the end of September shows an overall decrease in reported crimes on campus.Campus Safety and Security has increased its presence in the...

Activist who refused grand jury testimony now charged with conspiracy

By By Ann McGlynn of the Quad-City Times

November 19, 2009

A Minnesota activist who refused to testify earlier this week before a federal grand jury in Davenport is now charged with conspiracy for an act of “animal enterprise terrorism” — believed to be a 2004 animal-rights vandalism act at the University of Iowa.Scott DeMuth, 22, made his initial appearance this morning on a charge of conspiracy. DeMuth was already in custody for contempt of court because of his refusal to tes...

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