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Chicago rolls out new state-of-the-art lighting system

Chicago rolls out new state-of-the-art lighting system

By Blaise Mesa

October 2, 2017

Chicago will shine brighter and see a different nighttime skyline due to the historic citywide streetlight initiativeMayor Rahm  Emanuel announced plans Sept. 19 to replace 270,000 streetlights with more energ...

Editor’s Note: What does losing a new leader in two months say about Columbia?

By Megan Bennett

April 3, 2017

Retention among Columbia’s leaders is not a new struggle, but recently a high-level employee who likely broke the record for quickest turnover proves it may be a difficult place for outsiders to stay .As reported on the Front Page, the college’s first faculty ombudsperson Connie Meyer unexpectedly resigned March 29, less than two months after Senior Vice President and Provost Stan Wearden announced her arrival in an email to ...

“Strong is the New Pretty” author Kate T. Parker will stop at Athleta, 3415 N. Southport Ave., April 5, as art of her nationwide book tour. 

Book shows girls embracing inner strength

March 27, 2017

The idea for photographer Kate T. Parker’s new book, she said, began with noticing her strongest shots were  those of her daughters being silly and wild. Wanting to share beauty, free of filters and...

Editor's Note: School of Media Arts buries its lead

Editor’s Note: Hiring for nonexistent department undermines college input

March 13, 2017

If program changes are pending approval, but the college goes forward with them anyway, are they really pending at all? Announced in a March 10 email from Dean of the School of Media Arts Eric Freedman, ...

Information Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

City youth caught in the crossfire, bear scars of gun violence

February 27, 2017

A lack of counseling for children who have experienced trauma can cause them to become “numb to their emotions,” said Waldo Johnson, a professor in the School of Social Service Administration at th...

Boys, Girls & Bundyphiles

Boys, Girls & Bundyphiles—fans, followers of serial killers often ‘condemned’ for interest

October 24, 2016

While he was on trial for the murders of 36 women, Ted Bundy had fans flocking to the courthouse, proclaiming his innocence. He received daily bags of fan mail: declarations of love and photographs from fans.One woman, Carole Ann Boone, b...

Isolationism causes more hate crimes in UK

Children are not to blame  in child marriages

By Managing Editor

October 17, 2016

When "Brexit," or the U.K.'s exit from the European Union, was passed by popular vote June 23, many people expressed concern about how this referendum could increase racism and xenophobia in the U.K., and n...

Pit bull ban suspension small step in right direction

Ariana Portalatin

By Campus Reporter

October 10, 2016

Montreal’s controversial pit bull ban took effect Oct. 3 but was suspended the same day by a Quebec judge, while a legal challenge from Montreal’s SPCA—an animal welfare group—is pending, accordin...

Female genital mutilation illegal, but not eliminated

Children are not to blame  in child marriages

By Managing Editor

September 19, 2016

The U.K.’s failure to ever successfully prosecute a female genital mutilation case in a country where thousands of women are known to have undergone the procedure was declared a national disgrace by Br...

Manifest Preview

Manifest aims to ‘animate’ art community

May 2, 2016

Columbia will come together on May 13 for the final celebration of the academic year, uniting every department to celebrate the 16th annual Manifest Urban Arts Festival. More than 2,000 student artists...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces Eddie Johnson as interim police superintendent | The Columbia Chronicle

April 4, 2016

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced 27-year-old police veteran Eddie Johnson as Chicago’s new interim police superintendent March 28 at the Chicago Police Headquarters, located at 3510 S. Michigan Ave. Emanuel sai...

Mass incarceration requires mass reform

March 28, 2016

The next president of the United States has a big job awaiting and hands full of issues needing leadership. Mass incarceration is one of those issues.The crime rate in the United States is similar to that of other stable, developed countries, but incarceration rates are much higher, according to the Prison Policy Initiative, a non-partisan advocacy group.The United States holds 4 percent of the world’s overall populatio...

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