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Browser tab mobs no longer threat

By Lisa Schulz

November 7, 2011

Somewhere buried beneath 12 Internet browser tabs lies the user’s long-lost, original intention of commanding a computer to hum to life. Several hours and many tabs later, an exasperated sigh comes from the typical, modern-day Web surfer. If only there was a quicker way to catch the best waves in the infinite website sea.With a similar thought, three Columbia graduates and one student applied to be part of,...

P-Fac complaint charges Columbia

By Lisa Schulz

October 17, 2011

In an official complaint issued Sept. 30, the National Labor Relations Board charged Columbia with unfair labor practices against P-Fac, the college’s part-time faculty union.The complaint alleges the college refused to collectively bargain with the union, specifically mentioning Louise Love, interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, who "threatened that she would no longer meet informally with union represe...

Discrepancy in sex offender sentencing

By Samuel Charles

April 8, 2011

By Sam Charles, Campus News Editor & Darryl Holliday, Metro EditorKevin Fuller’s life has changed drastically since his arrest for possession and distribution of child pornography in November 2009. Currently, the former associate professor in Columbia’s Math and Science Department is serving time in a minimum to low security prison at an undisclosed location after pleading guilty to the charges.Upon his arrest, Full...

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost meet ‘Paul’

By Drew Hunt

March 14, 2011

After the widespread acclaim of their previous films “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz,” British actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return to theaters with “Paul,” a sci-fi road comedy directed by Greg Mottola. The Chronicle had a chance to sit down with the long-time friends to talk about working with a CGI alien, biting Sigourney Weaver and the differences between British and American-style humor.The Chronicle: You gu...

City offers unique program for gang-affected youth

By Darryl Holliday

October 25, 2010

The city is putting a new philosophy into action with high school youth affected by gang violence.The Chicago Police Department’s Gang School Safety Team, which initially began among 25 schools in CPD’s Area 1 this March, is expanding to include schools in Area 2 as well. Combined, the two areas cover the entire South Side.The program is a unique collaboration between CPD, Chicago Public Schools and the Cook County Juv...

Legal battle begins for freedom of speech

By Patrick Smith

January 25, 2010

Last December, Chicago artist Chris Drew set on his fifth attempt to get himself arrested.He pulled a large, bright-red poncho over his jean jacket and headed toward the Loop with “Art for Sale” printed across his chest and about 20 plastic bags pinned to the poncho.  All but one of those bags were filled with patches Drew had made himself; the exception was a bag containing a small audio recorder inside.That recorder...

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