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Here comes ‘The Hawk’

By Samuel Charles

October 24, 2011

Do you feel that?The air is getting dryer and colder by the day. It’s not even November yet. The brief Indian Summer we were blessed with a few weeks ago was almost a bad thing, spoiling Chicago residents and fooling them about what lies has estimated Chicago will receive 50–58 inches of snow this winter. Awesome. But after last February’s Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon/ Nuclear Snowlocaust, most loca...

Being transgender in jail

By Darryl Holliday

April 18, 2011

Gender and LGBTQ justice advocates may have a new ally in some Illinois jails if a recent policy succeeds in changing the system.The Cook County Department of Corrections has created new guidelines for the custody and safety of transgendered inmates that will separate those deemed officially transgender and allow them to serve time in ways that match their gender identification as of March 21.“The idea is that in any co...

Restructuring the Science Institute

By BenitaZepeda

March 15, 2010

Columbia’s Provost and Senior Vice President Steve Kapelke announced on March 1 that the Science Institute will be restructured and become part of the Science and Math Department after operating independently for about 19 years.The Science Institute, an initiative founded by Zafra Lerman, former head of the Science Institute, was launched on Sept. 1, 1991. The restructuring comes shortly after the removal of Lerman from ...

Illinois must stop refunding big retailers

By Editorial Board

February 16, 2009

Chicago has the highest sales tax in the nation at 10.25 percent, and it would be right for taxpayers to assume this all goes to public funds. But a little-known law, now in the spotlight, gives 1.75 percent of Illinois sales tax back to retailers, amounting to $126 million a year, more than any other state, according to a study done by Good Jobs First, a Washington D.C.-based research group.The study shows that 26 states...

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