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Robert Scott Harrison's sculptures

Ice carver vs. robot

March 3, 2014

In a studio the size of a small warehouse, the sound of whirring freezers echoes off of walls lined with chisels, saws and ironing plates as Danny “Hollywood” Rebholz prepares to turn a formless bloc...

DJs engage musical warfare

By Justin Moran

April 22, 2013

In a raging fury, the DJ scratches his vinyl on the turntable as if to scratch out the competitors’ eyes with a pounding bass line. Fists lack the sonic strength of speakers and the only harsh words exchanged between parties can be heard lyrically. No blood is shed in this musical bar fight, but the sweat from dancing patrons flows incessantly.On April 17, a lineup of five Chicago-based DJs—S@INT, Trmnl Freq, DT, Jamr...

Prentice slated for demolition

By The Columbia Chronicle

November 12, 2012

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks has sealed the fate of the old Prentice Women’s Hospital, 333 E. Superior St., despite opposition from preservationists.The decision to demolish the hospital and allow Northwestern University to move forward with its plan to construct a new medical research facility in its place was announced Nov. 1 during the commission’s meeting.The Commission voted June 1 to suspend its decision re...

Wildcats lose another late lead

By Nader Ihmoud

November 10, 2012

ANN ARBOR-The Northwestern University Wildcats lost for the third time this season, despite having a lead in the fourth quarter during each of those games.This time, the University of Michigan Wolverines mounted a comeback, forced overtime, and ultimately defeated the Wildcats 38-31. The Wolverines scored on the first drive of the extra period and their defense forced a turnover on downs to seal the win at Michigan Stadiu...

10th district’s Congressional race

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 6, 2012

by Alexandra Kukulka, Campus Editor and Doug Pitorak, Contributing WriterRepublican Congressman Robert Dold’s campaign for reelection in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District is down to the wire against Democratic nominee Brad Schneider.Although the district has voted Republicans to Congress for the past 33 years, it has voted Democratic in presidential elections since 2000.  This is the first election that will use ...

Otis wins Biggest Mouth

By Heather Scroering

April 23, 2012

Chicago blues and soul septet Otis took the stage April 18 at Metro, 3730 N. Clark St., and delivered nothing but funk and energy from the first note to the last. Little did the band know, amid the blue lights and more than 700 Columbia students and supporters, that they would be named winner of a $3,000 cash prize.Thirteen bands competed at Columbia’s annual Biggest Mouth music competition hosted by the Student Programmin...

“Project Accessory” features two local designers

By Sophia Coleman

October 31, 2011

Chicago is about to get accessorized with the help of two local designers who landed spots on “Project Accessory,” a spinoff of the hit show “Project Runway.”Diego Rocha, internationally known for his exotic handbags, and James Sommerfeldt, a senior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago who handcrafts fanciful footwear, will be featured on the show that premiered on Oct. 27.According to a press release from Lifetim...

Tennis Legends Clash

By Nader Ihmoud

October 24, 2011

Four of the greatest players to ever step on the tennis court battled in a one-day tournament in Chicago to better their chances of splitting the $1 million prize.The Champions Series is a New York-based tennis circuit for legendary tennis players over the age of 30.  The series stops at 12 cities and on Oct. 20, the Champions Series made its 10th stop at the United Center, 1901 W. Madison St. The series was created by In...

Soccer is back

By Nader Ihmoud

October 3, 2011

The Columbia Renegades have added indoor and outdoor co-ed soccer teams to the list of sports available at Columbia.The teams were added during meetings held the week of Sept. 26 after several students volunteered for leadership positions, according to Kevin Hartmann, president of the Renegades.“Soccer’s always been a sport that’s had a lot of interest at Columbia, but we’ve never had a student really step up to ta...

Brother, sister duo brings the country to Columbia

By Cristina Aguirre

April 11, 2011

Their passion for country music is what brought brother and sister, Aby and Tessa Gutierrez to start performing together since high school. From Franksville, Wisconsin, the duo came to Columbia to study Music. Tessa, a freshmen Vocal Performance major and Aby, a sophomore Music Business major, have performed all over Columbia, such as Acoustic Kitchen and on Wed. April 27th at the Metro, 3730 N. Clark St., for Biggest Mout...

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