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Art school community vs. State school Greek life

By Heather Scroering

January 30, 2012

Phi Delta Theta, Simga Phi Epsilon and Alpha Chi Omega may look like a foreign language to the average Columbia student, but thousands of college students across the nation speak this Greek and sport it any way they can.Columbia won’t be seeing any fraternities or sororities on campus any time soon. According to Mark Kelly, vice president of Student Affairs, Columbia has a “no Greek letter community” policy. Having thes...

Suits for successful starts

By Kaley Fowler

January 30, 2012

Thanks to a new initiative, adhering to the maxim “dress for success” will soon become much easier for many Chicago men.The Cara Program, 237 S. Desplaines St., is an organization that provides job training and placement for individuals who have struggled with homelessness. They have teamed up with custom suit company Sebastien Grey Clothiers, 70 W. Madison St., to develop the “PerSuit” program in an effort to provide ...

Gamers give back

By Luke Wilusz

December 12, 2011

Many people think of gamers as self-absorbed slackers who spend all of their time losing themselves in digital worlds at best and antisocial misfits with violent tendencies at worst. However, one charity rallies the video game community together every year to prove those detractors wrong and do some good in the world.Child’s Play Charity, which has raised a cumulative $8,998,564 to buy toys and games for participating c...

8-bit education

By Luke Wilusz

September 5, 2011

I can’t imagine grade school without video games. I don’t just mean the ones I played at home, after school, on my trusty old Super Nintendo Entertainment System, although that did eat up hours of my childhood. No, I’m talking about the educational games they had on the computers at school when I was little. Some of my fondest memories from elementary school involve eagerly waiting for other students to leave one of the cla...

Columbia comedy team wins regionals

By Amanda Murphy

January 31, 2011

With the motto “We make your tummies hurt,” it’s no surprise Droppin’ $cience, Columbia’s student comedy group, swept the finals of the Chicago Regional in the National College Improv Tournament.The group of 10 Columbia students beat out 11 other teams, including last year’s winner, Northwestern’s Titanic Players, for the chance to compete at the February nationals in Chicago.“It’s extremely exciting beca...

New plan to benefit young adults

By Etheria Modacure

October 3, 2010

Young adults no longer have to worry about losing the benefits of their parents’ health insurance. New reforms under the Affordable Health Care Act, which went into effect on Sept. 23,  allows people under the age of 26 to stay on their parents’ health care plan.According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,  approximately 30 percent of young adults are uninsured,  making them the least insured age grou...

A heavy lesson

By From the Quad-City Times Editorial Board

November 9, 2009

More powerful than a locomotive. That Superman-esque achievement also works for Quad-City high school students, whose 347 tons of food collected this year exceed the weight of two locomotives.Picture a convoy of 100 full-sized Hummer H2s. Heavy, but not as heavy as the results of this year's Student Food Drive.This year's total is shy of a record, but no less impressive to us. Year after year, these amazingly energetic kids...

Charitable celebrities need to be authentic

By Lauren Kelly

September 20, 2009

When you Google the term “charitable celebrities,” the top web result that appears is a page called Look to the Stars, a site dedicated to covering celebrity charity news and events. The site lists famous people who are involved in some type of charity work.Ironically, it turns out that almost every celebrity is involved in some kind of charity work. There are thousands of people on this list. From Alicia Keys to Zach ...

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