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The Thirsty Crow Story In English

The Thirsty Crow Story In English

February 23, 2018

The Thirsty Crow Story In EnglishIt was a hot summer’s day. A thirsty crow flew into a village in search of water. The crow flew over the houses, fields, and trees. But he didn’t find any water. Afte...

Gov. Bruce Rauner has targeted Democratic primary candidate J.B. Pritzker with multiple ads associating him with former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. 

Attack ads may hinder voter turnout

February 12, 2018

With eight registered candidates vying for Illinois governor in the March 20 primary, a plethora of attack ads have flooded the state’s media, which may leave a sour taste in voters and steer them a...

XFL needs to focus on safety, not reinventing football

XFL needs to focus on safety, not reinventing football

February 5, 2018

After failing to have a successful inaugural season in 2001, the Xtreme Football League is rebounding with a brand new image. But even though it has rebranded, the XFL is still not ready to compete until it s...

Days for Girls holds fundraiser, empowers women at Volumes Bookcafe

October 2, 2017

Days for Girls, a group that aims to provide feminine hygiene products to all women who cant afford them in developing countries, held a fundraiser at Volumes Bookcafe in Wicker Park to raise money and awaren...

Beatrice Watson said she fears the Obama Library development will raise the neighborhood property taxes and push her out of her home.  

Obama library could cause South Side gentrification

April 21, 2017

The new Obama Library’s construction has caused concern from Hyde Park residents, who at an April 18 community meeting said they are afraid it will drive them out of their homes.“We all know what hap...

Gaga sings her way into next season of her career

By Managing Editor

March 2, 2015

Every so often, Lady Gaga breaks the mold she previously set for herself and surprises the masses—at least those viewers who don’t know her too well. Gaga graced the Oscars stage for the first time on Feb. 22, performing a medley tribute to “The Sound of Music,” after which the 1965 film’s star Julie Andrews appeared on stage with tears in her eyes—she even gave Gaga what appeared to be a very genuine hug. G...

‘Walking taco’ makes its way to Lincoln Square

‘Walking taco’ makes its way to Lincoln Square

February 9, 2015

After competitive eaters and creators of Glutton Force 5-—the former food truck operation team of Tim “Gravy” Brown and Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti—won an episode of the Food Network’s “...

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