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Better birth control access should not be limited to the West Coast

By Editor-in-Chief

April 18, 2016

While the rest of the nation battles to defund Planned Parenthood and limit the availability of reproductive health resources to women nationwide, California became the third state to allow women of all ages improved access to birth control without a prescription at participating pharmacies on April 8.Though the law was originally proposed in 2013, regulatory discussions slowed its progress, according to an April 8 Los Angele...

Aaron Paul

A new kind of ‘speed’

March 10, 2014

Aaron Paul, best known as America’s beloved, drug-addled delinquent Jesse Pinkman on AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” is headed back to the big screen to play the lead in Scott Waugh’s new street-racing fi...

Noah born to win

Ihmoud's Moods

By Media Relations Editor

March 10, 2014

It seems like a lifetime ago that Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose went down with another season-ending injury and fans and analysts began to count the Bulls out for the season. Some even wanted the te...

Religious exemption goes too far

February 24, 2014

The First Amendment to the Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion, but in Missouri, Idaho and Arizona, recently proposed bills call into question the limits of that freedom.The pending legislation in these states would allow businesses and health care professionals to deny any medical service if the worker’s religious beliefs oppose it—a measure that runs dangerously close to enfranchising discrimination. Allow...

College responds to security malfunction

By Tyler Eagle

March 13, 2013

PANIC STRUCK THE campus March 5, causing students, faculty and staff to hide under desks, some sending out concerned tweets and texts to their loved ones, all because of a false alarm. At approximately 11:30 a.m., AlertWave, the college’s mass-notification system, malfunctioned and announced there was a violent intruder on campus instead of sending a weather advisory about the college closing at 3 p.m. because of a snows...

Men’s birth control flips the script

By Kyle Rich

September 5, 2012

Scientific discoveries often originate as accidents. Penicillin was developed after a workstation wasn’t cleaned properly and an antibacterial mold was discovered. Radioactivity was first noted when minerals and equipment were left in a desk after they were unable to be used for another experiment. LSD was originally created as a drug to cure the pain of childbirth, and its hallucinogenic effects were only revealed five ye...

Birth control battle

By Emily Fasold

April 23, 2012

While the first wave of feminism in the early 20th century was aimed at gaining the right to vote, the current generation of American women has struggled to achieve full insurance coverage for pregnancy, birth control, emergency contraception and other women’s health care issues. Up until now, that is.After fierce negotiation, President Barack Obama’s administration and the Department of Health and Human Services announ...

Health care act sparks moral debate

By Tim Shaunnessey

April 23, 2012

Separation of church and state has long been a contentious issue. Recently, issues of religious freedom versus the prevention of discrimination have resulted in conflicts between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Catholic Church.During an April 16 forum about the separation of church and state in an age of health care reform, Cardinal Francis George, archbishop of Chicago, spoke at the Union League Cl...

Cafeteria Christians

By Samuel Charles

February 14, 2012

I was raised Catholic, went to Sunday school and eventually attended Catholic high school. Once I graduated, I walked away from the Church and faith and haven’t looked back. It was the most liberating and satisfying decision I’ve ever made.In recent weeks, outspoken Catholics have voiced their disapproval of the clause in the health care reform law that would require Catholic hospitals and universities that provide their...

Comparing women’s health services: College campuses around Chicago offer varying degrees of health services to women

By Lindsey Woods

December 12, 2011

Students looking at colleges generally consider lengthy lists of criteria they want their prospective school to have, including how well schools accommodate their students. One criterion that may be hard to find is what kind of medical care students have access to and how much that care costs. For women in particular, this may include annual gynecological exams, pregnancy testing and access to birth control and emergency c...

Despite protests, Chicago Public Schools continue with closings

By Stephanie Saviola

March 1, 2010

After months of public outrage and protests, Chicago Public Schools and the Board of Education are slowly making headway in the ongoing matter of school closings and consolidations.During the past few weeks, Chicago Public Schools removed seven of the 14 schools from the closing or turnaround list. For some concerned parents and teachers, progress is being made, but many are still dissatisfied with the news.“It is a step in the right di...

Birth control provisions necessary in stimulus

By Steven Schnarr

February 9, 2009

On Jan. 27, The U.S. House dropped the most justifiable and necessary provision from the stimulus bill-$200 million for new contraceptive services and prevention of STDs.If any of the provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are worthwhile, birth control initiatives are, and have been, the most needed.Some argue that birth control is an unrelated part of the bill, rather than directly affecting stimulus. But...

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