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Occupy Chicago denounces 2012 presidential candidates

By Kaley Fowler

September 10, 2012

With election season in full swing, attacks against both major political parties are abounding. While many are typically critical of either Democrats or Republicans, a recent Occupy Chicago protest brought together a group of individuals who denounce both political parties.On Sept. 4, the first day of the Democratic National Convention, approximately 100 protesters gathered at the corner of Jackson Boulevard and LaSall...

Voters get drunk on Obama

By Tyler Davis

September 4, 2012

He bought a round of beers in Waterloo, and then had a few more. He woke up on a bus in Des Moines, Iowa surrounded by beer bottles, unable to remember the events of the previous night. That’s life on the campaign trail for President Barack Obama.OK, not quite, but the president has been talking about his love of beer a lot lately, buying drinks at the Iowa State Fair and handing out some of his home-brewed White House beer to...

Checks? Balances? Nope.

By Luke Wilusz

April 2, 2012

A Senator has openly argued against President Barack Obama’s position regarding the international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The treaty would implement an international copyright enforcement policy that could include border searches, criminal prosecution for violators and statutory monetary damages to be awarded to copyright holders.On March 20, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) released a statement saying the administrati...

G8 absence is welcome, but should have come sooner

By Editorial Board

March 12, 2012

For months, Chicago has been teeming with excitement over the G8 and NATO summits, both originally set to happen in May. But in a surprise move, Barack Obama announced March 5 that the G8 summit would not happen in Chicago but instead take place at Camp David, the president’s mountainside retreat just north of Washington, D.C. While Obama’s decision to move the summit makes sense, waiting until the last moment was not ...

Voter slump due to bleak campaign trail

By Gabrielle Rosas

February 27, 2012

Registering to vote isn’t difficult. In fact, it requires less effort than most governmental processes, like getting a passport or driver’s license. Those take massive amounts of paperwork, time and energy. Registering to vote in Chicago is as easy as filling out and mailing one form.Yet as of Feb. 20, Chicago’s voter registration is the lowest it’s been since 1942, according to a statement from the Chicago Election Board o...

Fighting fire with fire

By Samuel Charles

February 27, 2012

Oh, Bill Maher, where would society be without you?Republicans might say “utopia,” but I don’t know if I’d have any faith left in humanity if it weren’t for the likes of you and Jon Stewart.But while Stewart is compassionate and understanding, Maher is vicious, scathing and unrelenting.“Reaching across the aisle” isn’t part of his modus operandi, and that’s the way it should be.So when Twitter exploded Fe...

Gala celebrates LGBT progress

By Kaley Fowler

February 17, 2012

Dressed to the nines and eager to celebrate their progress, LGBT advocates attended Equality Illinois’ annual “Justice for All” gala Feb. 11 at the Chicago Hilton, 720 S. Michigan Ave., to show their support for the gay rights movement.This year’s gala emphasized Equality Illinois’ agenda by focusing on the accomplishments in securing gay rights on both state and federal levels.Equality Illinois, the state’s oldest ...

‘Strong’ just plain wrong

By Samuel Charles

December 12, 2011

Oh, Rick Perry. You had everything going for you for a bit there, and then you went and opened your mouth.The Texas swagger, the “wholesome family values” and who couldn’t love that accent? He’s George W. Bush 2.0. What could be better?But this past week, Perry’s floundering presidential campaign released a viral video on YouTube, showing Perry strolling up a hill, saying how if he’s elected president, he’ll en...

Coffee for your thoughts: New study suggests caffeine can help learning, memory

By Lindsey Woods

December 5, 2011

Holiday break is right around the corner, but instead of sugar plums dancing in the heads of students, thoughts of finals, essays and projects are accumulating. Coffee can keep you awake for long hours of studying, but a new study suggests it can do more than that.An online article published on Nov. 20, on the Nature Neuroscience website, outlines research that indicates caffeine can help cognitive functions, such as learnin...

Marketing initiative to raise city revenue

By Lauryn Smith

December 5, 2011

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is allowing businesses to buy advertising space on many of Chicago’s assets in an attempt to shrink the city’s $635.7 million budget deficit.Emanuel announced the initiative on Oct. 12 during his budget proposal and has since decided to go ahead with the plan to raise revenues to balance the 2012 budget, according to his spokesman, Tom Alexander.“There’s a belief that the city can raise some muc...

This boat ain’t sinkin’

By Amanda Murphy

November 28, 2011

The Portland, Ore.-based group YACHT has seen a lot of changes since its start in 2002. Beginning as a solo project for Jona Bechtolt, the band then became a duet when it added Claire Evans and now has three more members with the addition of Rob Kieswetter, Jeffrey Brodsky and Katy Davidson. But the indie-disco dance band has stayed true to its artistic roots, putting out various albums, like the former “See Mystery Lights,...

America’s biggest problem: itself

By Matt Watson

November 28, 2011

In an unsurprising act, Congress’ Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction failed to meet its Nov. 21 deadline for drafting a plan to shave more than $1.2 trillion off the federal deficit in the next decade. The committee had months of time to deliberate and the specter of more than $1 trillion in random cuts to defense and non-defense spending hanging over its head as motivation. These politicians had the opportunity to sa...

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