The Columbia Chronicle

Protesters Restricted

By Kaley Fowler

January 17, 2012

To ensure that things run smoothly when Chicago hosts the G8 and NATO summits this May, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City Council have spent much time planning for these sometimes controversial events. But it is Emanuel’s most recent initiative to corral protestors that has manyChicagoans outraged.At a Dec. 14 City Council meeting, Emanuel introduced his plan to amend several provisions of the Municipal Code in regard to pro...

Drug testing policies leave students dazed, confused

By Brianna Wellen

September 19, 2011

There’s no time like college for experimentation— at least that’s what I’ve always heard. These are the years students encounter binge drinking, high libidos and recreational drug use. While this behavior certainly shouldn’t be encouraged, it should be expected to a point. Few of the parents of our generation, attending college in the ’80s, ’70s, and even the ’60s, can admit with a straight face they never onc...

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