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Obama and Biden make a complimentary duo

By Editorial Board

September 2, 2008

After weeks of anticipation, Sen. Barack Obama announced his choice for a vice-presidential running mate on August 23.  Joe Biden, a six-term senator from Delaware, is the man who made the cut.Although many Americans do not ultimately change their vote based on the vice-presidential running mate, they do look at this choice as one of the first important and reflective decisions made by the candidate whom they support.Obam...

Red or blue, we’re all the same—really

By Steven Schnarr

September 2, 2008

I was raised a Republican because of conservative values. When I entered college, I started leaning toward Democratic ideals because I felt it was our obligation to help those less fortunate. But after learning about U.S. history and examining current politics, I realized something—voting Democrat or  Republican would lead to the same result.For the most part, Democrats and Republicans agree on U.S. policies, Obama and McC...

Dedication, hard work pay dividends

By Becky Schlikerman

May 15, 2008

After years of following the scholastic cycle—classes for a few months, spring break, summer vacation and back to school shopping—it’s finally ending. At least for some time anyway.Although I’ve been out of school before, this is a big step. I took a few years off from school in 2003 and moved to Chicago from Miami. I worked a menial customer service job for a couple of years and then decided to go back to school.Dan Th...

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