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Cream, sugar and a custom portrait: Michael Breach uses creativity for latte art

November 30, 2018

Michael Breach can turn foam into faces within a matter of minutes. Based in New York, he is a latte artist whose work ranges from marriage proposals and gender reveals to working with clients such asDisney. After...

Let your Pet Paint You Helps Local Cats

November 21, 2018

Whiskers and Tail Rescue Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed at rescuing feral cats in the Chicago. ...

Renegades Start Ultimate Frisbee Back Up this Semester

November 12, 2018

Jake Behounek had an interest in ultimate frisbee and wished there was a team a Columbia, so he started one. This fall is the first season the team is recognized through the college and receives funding...

Rage rooms smash onto the scene

November 12, 2018

Destroying an old TV with a baseball bat is usually frowned upon, but in rage rooms, it is fair game and even celebrated. “A rage room is a place where you can go to break stuff, smash things...

Columbia Alumni Panel: Michael Goi

November 5, 2018

Director of Photography for American Horror Story and Columbia alumnus Michael Goi hosted a talk for students at 1104 on Monday, Oct 22 2018. Goi’s three main points were to continuously fail; learn t...

Ride-share, cab drivers unify for better regulations

November 2, 2018

Taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers chanted "drivers united will never be defeated" as they demanded safety regulations, better wages and increased transparency from the city at a rally on Oct. 31. “F...

Publishing Lab gives Publishing Opportunities to students

November 2, 2018

The Publishing Lab gives written student works opportunities to be published. ...

Tell a story, no submission needed

November 2, 2018

Do Not Submit is a live storytelling series open to anyone who has a story to tell. ...

Chicago “Drunk” Magic finds a modern-day home

October 23, 2018

Close-up magic, where magicians acknowledge their audience and break the fourth wall, was invented in the dive bars of Chicago, earning it the nickname "Chicago magic" —or, more affectionately, "dru...

Hey, You’re Paying For This: iShare

October 23, 2018

iShare is a research tool within Columbia’s library catalog. Is there a title checked out at Columbia that you need soon? Or is there a specific book you need that Columbia doesn’t have? iShare can ...

The First of its Kind, Digital Art Installation on theMart

October 9, 2018

Art on the Mart is a project rooted in collaboration. The installation is privately funded through Vornado Realty trust, owner of theMart building, and is estimated at about $8 million.By working with th...

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