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Columbia filmmakers create a short film to bring awareness to kidnapping

June 18, 2019

After waking from a nightmare one night, 2019 cinema art and science alumna Rossella Agostini had the idea to create a short fiction film about something that had always intrigued her—kidnapping. Set...

Dykes with Drills teaches introduction to tools to LGBTQ and non-binary folks

June 2, 2019

San Francisco-based group Dykes with Drills brought their "Introduction to Tools" workshop to Rebuilding Exchange, 1740 W. Webster Ave. Dykes with Drills aims to provide safe spaces for LGBTQ folks in...

Columbia pays tribute to former Columbia Professor ‘Jammin’ Jim Mitchem

June 1, 2019

Jim Mitchem, former associate professor in the Radio program, passed away in December of 2018. The college paid tribute to his memory and legacy on May 18, by coming together with students, faculty and...

‘GOP, hands off me’: Chicago rallies against abortion bans

May 24, 2019

On Thursday night, people of all races, ages and genders showed up at Daley Plaza to rally against the abortion bans that have been cropping up across the country. Most recently, on May 14, Alabama...

USofCC escorted out of 600 Building after trying to meet with Kim

May 22, 2019

United Staff of Columbia College members organized in the reception area outside President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim’s office Wednesday in an attempt to meet and discuss staff layoffs, a day after union leaders...

‘Herstory’ is made: Lori Lightfoot sworn in as mayor of Chicago

May 20, 2019

A new era in Chicago has begun with the swearing in of three women to the most powerful political positions in the city, with all eyes on Mayor Lori Lightfoot—the city’s first black, female, LGBTQ ma...

Rahm Emanuel’s final City Club appearance

May 17, 2019

On May 2nd, during his farewell tour, Mayor Rahm Emanuel appeared for his final City Club as mayor. ...

Student Center ready to open its doors to students Fall 2019

May 11, 2019

Although nails are still strewn across the concrete floors and wooden frames are temporary placeholders for walls, Columbia students will be able to relax, study, create and collaborate  in the Student Center on the first day of the...

Documentary films take spotlight

May 10, 2019

Doc Unit is a class held in the springtime allowing students to host a film festival giving documentary films the spotlight.

Columbia mutes R. Kelly

May 9, 2019

Columbia students are muting R. Kelly in the face of multiple sexual assault allegations against the R&B musician. But while the music director of the college’s radio station WCRX said the station...

Charter school teachers, City Colleges staff threaten to strike

April 30, 2019

Charter school educators and City College staff are bargaining to attain more student benefits and higher wages for staff. The two groups rallied outside of the Arturo Velazquez Westside Technical Institute,...

Cleaning up Caldwell Lilly Pool

April 22, 2019

Chicago residents spent an afternoon volunteering to clean up the Alfred Caldwell Lilly Pool, 125 W. Fullerton Parkway, in Lincoln Park before a summer kick-off event.

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