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Jaden Lopez, Krystal Heredia and Desiree Lopez siblings participated in the Day of the Dead annual celebration at Dovark Park in Pilsen.

Nos Recodamos: A celebration of life and death

November 7, 2016

By Maria Cardona | Photo EditorThe idea of death is frequently associated with the fear or sadness that comes with the loss of loved ones. However, in Mexican culture, it is celebrated through Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the D...

Black Lives Matter co-founder speaks at UIC | The Columbia Chronicle

April 11, 2016

A collaborative effort between Opal Tometi, Pattrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” erupted after the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Often referred to as the new civil right...

Wabash Arts Corridor goes WAC with new color

September 14, 2015

Students will notice new color and vibrancy across campus, as several new murals now line Wabash Avenue between East Van Buren Street and Roosevelt Road. Various artists, including Columbia alumni, ha...

The Glitch Mob

Party at North Coast

September 8, 2015

You wouldn’t have known summer’s final days were approaching if you were among the thousands that gathered in Union Park Sept. 4 for the annual 3-day North Coast Music Festival. Wh...

Fr. Pfleger, others protest over Gov. Rauner’s budget plan | The Columbia Chronicle

March 21, 2015

Rev. Michael Pfleger and other protesters staged a sit-in in front of the Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph St., on March 20 to demand that Gov. Bruce Rauner not make cuts to essential community program...

Assyrian community protests against ISIS | The Columbia Chronicle

March 16, 2015

About 200 members of Chicago’s Assyrian community gathered at Federal Plaza, 230 S. Dearborn St., in the Loop on March 13 to denounce ISIS militants and the killings of Assyrians in their native coun...

St. Sabina Church celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day | The Columbia Chronicle

January 26, 2015

St. Sabina Church, a Christian church in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, celebrated the 86th Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 18 in honor of King’s birthday as well a...

Finding peace with Sikh: Slideshow | The Columbia Chronicle

November 3, 2014

Guru Nanak founded Sikhism in the Indian subcontinent in the 15th century. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion and the fifth-largest organized religion in the world with approximately 30 million followers...

The Chicago Seven

By James Foster

November 26, 2012

Preservation Chicago is an organization that seeks to protest Chicago's historic landmark buildings. Each year they put together a list of the seven most endangered architectural gems in the city. The old Prentice hospital, which made the list this year, has been in the news lately and will be demolished in the coming months.[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.8276" useexpressinstall="true" movie="http://columbiachro...

Four more years

By James Foster

November 12, 2012

President Barack Obama was re-elected Nov. 6 to a second term, and although the crowd of approximately 10,000 at McCormick Place was smaller than the Grant park gathering four years ago, the air was electric with enthusiasm.[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.8276" useexpressinstall="true" movie="" width="500" height="440" targetclass="flashmovie"][/kml_flashembed]...

Day Of the Dead Celebrations

By James Foster

November 5, 2012

Chicago celebrated the Day of Dead in a variety of ways on Friday. Residents of Pilsen staged their annual procession. At Columbia students and faculty took to the streets in costumes that culminated in a fashion show.[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.8276" useexpressinstall="true" movie="" width="500" height="440" targetclass="flashmovie"][/kml_flashembed]...

Obama in Chicago to vote

By James Foster

October 27, 2012

President Barack Obama flew into Chicago Thursday afternoon to vote at this home polling station. The Obama campaign is focusing major efforts on getting people to the polls early this election cycle. Early voting in Illinois started October 22 and will continue until Nov. 3 at locations throughout the city.[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.8276" useexpressinstall="true" movie="

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