Amp-Down: The Countdown to Manifest

By Ignacio Calderon, Staff Photographer

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  • Radio major Jocelyn Hudson hosted the countdown.

  • Jordan Long, also known as DeadstockV1, is an audio design and production major.

  • Jordan Long was the first performer at the event.

  • Tandrea Hawkins is a freshman music business.

  • Tandrea Hawkins danced and sang at the countdown event.

  • Manifest Trivia was organized for all attendees, along with a raffle. Winners will have the chance to meet the headliner.

  • A New Years Eve-style countdown was made to reveal that Kweku Collins will be the headliner for Manifest 2019.

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Amp-Down: The Countdown to Manifest, held at Haus, 623 S. Wabash Ave., was a countdown event to announce the 2019 Manifest headliner. There were performers, food and other activities.

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